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    Hi…I am looking at purchasing backup buddy for all my site migrations aswell as site backups. I was wondering if some of you have done the same and can share with me your experiences…..are you happy/unhappy that sort of thing….and if any conflict with the genesis framework or not….tks


    Gary Jones

    I’ve not personally used it (all my development is done on a multisite install and when I last looked, it didn’t support MS) but it does have a very good reputation, so if you’ve got a single-install live site, and a single-install dev site (perhaps under a subdomain of the main site), then you’ll likely find it very useful. It doesn’t have any issues with Genesis as far as I know.

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    I use serverpress to develop locally on my PC and backup buddy to transfer whole WordPress sites on and offline. I have used it for over 6 months and am very happy with backup buddy for the price. themes often release updates and one of the most recent allows me to create new users and databases easily from within the plugin instead of using PHP my admin. Support is also pretty good via their forums

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    thanks for the feedback….appreciate it….i think i will give it a try



    I used BackupBuddy for over a year but now use WP Migrate DB which is better in my opinion as it does exactly the same thing for migrations with less chances of error messages – a search find and replace of url’s and server path.

    Backupbuddy is good for migrating sub sites out of Multi site but if you don’t need this function then you don’t need the plugin unless you want it for sending your backup to a remote location.


    Posh John

    I thought it was a little clunky when i played with it…but i didn’t give it a really good test. I am currently thinking about using either (monthly fee) or (free with paid addons).

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    thanks for all the info…i will definitely take a look at all…appreciate it



    duplicator plugin is better than backupbuddy and free.



    I purchased Backup buddy a few weeks ago. It’s useful but it if your website is too large (more than 1 Go for database and site) it’s difficult to make it work due to server time laps. For other sites, it’s great. You have 1Go free storage on a cloud server.
    Some minor bugs occurred : when we first schedule a backup, the next starting date was in 1970… but it’s fixed now.
    Thanks for the other plugin, I did not know duplicator.

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