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    Sergio Sala

    Hello Friends!

    This is the first time I introduce myself with you.

    I have a blog about entrepreneurship and living remarkably for the spanish community.

    I’m using the custom Avalance theme that Brian Gardner have in github.

    My page is


    Any feedback is welcome, thanks!

    | I help people changing the world Sé Leyenda |
    | I design blogs Sergio SAla|


    Nice job!

    The only feedback I would give is that I’m seeing your tagline covering your title a little (well, the orange of your title). Was that deliberate?

    Susan @ Graphically Designing I offer theme customizations I tweet!
    I’ve taken up the challenge! – help me answer some of the unanswered posts



    Clean look.  I would probably change your title to a light grey background not a red.  At the moment when your page opens it is very distracting for the eyes knowing where to focus with the different red blocks.  And to my way of thinking you would be better if they gravitate to your optin button.  But it all depends on what you are trying to achieve with you site – and I don’t speak Spanish to know ;)


    If you aren’t having fun you are doing it wrong


    Sergio Sala

    Maaan, I’m sorry! I just saw your messages!

    @Susan, it was on purpose ;) What do you think about it? */ I actually used a background code for the whole logo to be shown

    @Kiwi, I never thought about that. I dunno, my brand already shows my logo on red. Guess it will confuse my readers if I change, right?

    Thanks for the feedbacks!

    | I help people changing the world Sé Leyenda |
    | I design blogs Sergio SAla|

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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