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    I’m using the eleven40 theme and have just started working on the banner.

    Something I know little about is designing the top portion of my website so that it looks great on different devices. The theme lets me easily drop in my website’s name in a title badge at the top left. But I may choose to just use the page title widgetized area for my banner instead.

    Are there any tips or things I need to be aware of when designing the banner? I read all the time about people having problems with this. They get it working great on their computer, but things get wonky when viewed via a mobile device. Some people advice designing different sized banners so that resizing them doesn’t create a problem.

    I can’t get more specific than this yet (people usually only post for support when they’ve encountered a problem), but I’m hoping some tips can be offered to help guide me while working on my banner.



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    Try using

    You can find some really cool background images to start with

    You can then layer some icons using icon finder and custom fonts

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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