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    I have been with Hostgator for a long time, but they are just getting more and more hopeless day by day.
    Last thing they did they have restricted my account for two weeks for no reason.

    In these two weeks I have been killing myself to understand why I had this drop in traffic, which didn’t make any sense… and today I log into my cpanel and find my account was restricted.

    You would think a host would send you an email to say: “hey man, you have been restricted” No, nobody did. I just lost money and time and health and nobody took the time to shoot me an email to tell me I was restricted.

    And when you contact them they come with the most useless replies ever.
    And you know what? They un-restricted me now, because it wasn’t my fault. I have just lost two weeks for nothing.

    So does anybody know any serious hosting outside their network?
    Any advice for the migration?

    Thanks in advance

    P.S. Sorry for the complaint, I am just a little disappointed.



    Self host with AWS (Amazon Web Services)



    I’ve used Pair for hosting for about eight years. Great uptime and excellent support, highly recommended.



    Scott Pruett

    I’ve used a business account with A Small Orange for the past two years. They’ve been pretty solid, and their customer service is good.


    Before then I used Eleven2, also quite good but they experienced some growth over the years and I was seeing heavy loads on the VPS I was sharing that they said was no big deal. Well, it slowed my sites down, and I was kinda itching for a change anyway, so I moved to ASO. I was happy with E2 otherwise.


    Someday I’ll probably move to WP Engine or Synthesis, though I need to be generating a bit more income from the site I’d move first.



    My experience with HostGator has been fairly ok for all these years and I have been a customer with them for nearly 5-6 years now with different types and packages of hosting at different times. I have my own dedicated server for a few year now (not at HostGator) but still host a few sites at HG. They are fairly reliable host and with better quality support than most of the web hosts out there. I can say that from my experience with various web hosts over the years.

    At times, you outgrow a shared hosting scenario when you need to upgrade to other options such a VPS or a dedicated server. Often you also need to upgrade the dedicated servers with larger ones as you grow with time. I am not sure of your case but you can ask them the reason for which they restricted your account. And they were very unprofessional in case they did not inform you at all before doing so. But as I said earlier, they are still out of the better web hosting out there.

    If you want to change hosts and want reliable reviews I would advise you to check webhostingtalk forum where you would also see a lot of offers along with some genuine reviews. There are some low quality hosts and reviews out there too. So, use your mind and try to filter out the good ones as per reputation out there on the forum. Many of them run offers from time to time. But try to stick to somewhat reputed hosts only. Smaller hosts with good reviews and reputation are fairly fine if you have a proper backup system as you are not in case the host faces problem or ceases to exist.



    Geeez, is that any moderator in this forum? Can’t you smell the spam? ^^^^

    Nevermind guys, nevermind. I guess I’m asking too much.
    Please delete this thread.



    I gave you an honest answer to your question, moron.



    I use http://www.websynthesis.com as my webhost for well over a year. Got my theme from here and as well as my hosting. lol

    Support is top notch from the web hosting team. Uptime is out of this world as well.

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