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    Hi, I have two questions.

    How do I change the size of the title on the Home page? Also, I would like the Home page title to be different than the “Home” button. Right now, when I change the title, it changes the “Home” button to match. I want a title that says something other than “Home” and for it to be at least slightly smaller than it is. I’ve been going through the CSS and have successfully changed the tagline, now I need help with this title.

    Here is my site – http://www.dancingwiththeson.com


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    Hi… hopefully this many help save you by the bell… ;-)

    Have you specified a static page to display in your “Reading” settings? By default I believe this theme (Eleven40 Pro) would be using “Your latest posts”. If you’ve specified a static page, something perhaps you’ve called “Home” as the front page, it’s the title of that page you’d be seeing.

    Can you confirm how you’ve configured the home page (is it as per the theme setup?)

    The title itself that you’re seeing is the h1 element with a class of “entry-title”, all within the header section

    These elements are being styled with:
    .entry-title {
    font-size: 36px; (whatever size you’re looking for)

    If you want to make this different to every other page title that’s going to require a slightly different approach. Let us know more and good luck with your new project.


    Paul Sandford.  Follow @pm_sandford on Twitter


    Hi Paul,

    OK, the “entry-title” is what I needed to change for the size. Great! This first problem is solved. Thanks!

    Second — You are right. On the Eleven40 Pro the Home page is normally the Blog page but I decided it I wanted it (so changed it ) as a static page and then have a Blog as another page.

    The Blog page does not have the title as “Blog” and yet shows up as “Blog” in the buttons, but then, it is also not a static page. Oh, I see that the title is grabbing from the Post on the Blog page. So, is there a way to make the title of a static page independent of the page name? I think I may be misunderstanding a bit about how this works in WordPress. I am new to WordPress.

    A third thing has cropped up. I want the color of the tagline to be different than this h1 entry-title but when I went to change the color, I did it under h6 which I think is also where I changed the font for the heading. I have a feeling now that this is the wrong place if this heading is h1. Anyway, when I changed the color under the h6, the color changed on both the tagline and the Header. I only want it to change the tagline. I want the header to remain black.

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    I began to think about this some more and have another question. Will it upset any sort of SEO for the site to try to make this button and the title different words from each other?


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    Glad you’re making progress. :)

    Re: Blog page. If you have selected static pages in Settings > Reading, then you’ll have specified a front page and I presume a posts page too. The posts page is displaying your “blog”. If you don’t want that page to be called “blog” – create a page and name it whatever you’re looking for; like journal for example. Don’t fill in any content in that page – leave it with the default template. Then select “Journal” as the static posts page in Settings > Reading. Journal should show up on the menu and display the “blog” i.e. your default blog posts. It won’t show a title though – you’ll be getting into customisation to do that. Notice how your current “blog” page is not actually showing a title – it is just listing the blog post(s).

    Not sure which elements you’re referring to as tagline, heading and title when you’re talking about changing the colour but I’m guessing you want: “Health and Healing Resources” a different colour to the h1 title on each page which is currently a dark red sort of colour.

    Example to change just the tagline:
    h2.site-description {
    color: #000;

    Finally, your SEO question. What button? I can’t see any buttons on your site but if you’re referring to the tagline and the titles of each page then no, I really wouldn’t worry about any SEO implications regarding that.

    I’d recommend you look up some basic tutorials on CSS – they’ll help you get a better understanding of how all these parts on your site are being styled.

    Good luck with your project :-)

    Paul Sandford.  Follow @pm_sandford on Twitter



    Thank you regarding the color for the tagline “Health and Healing Resources”. It’s exactly what I needed.

    … and yes, CSS has changed since I began using it and I will need to brush up! W3 Schools is my fav.

    I will have to digest this information regarding the Home and Blog page. I won’t begin posting there till I take the time later to understand this better. I may ask about again but will post it alone rather than so many things in one dialogue.

    You have been most helpful!

    Saved by the Bell


    You’re welcome. :-)

    Have fun learning CSS!


    Paul Sandford.  Follow @pm_sandford on Twitter

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