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    First I had to find out how make shortcodes work in widgets Рkind of vital for the creation of the Executive home page Рinformation that I was unable to find on the Genesis website (thanks to braddalton for help).

    Now I find that page column shortcodes still aren’t working in the Home Top widget, but do work in the Home-Call To Action widget.

    Not to mention the REALLY large font sizes (I’ll find where to modify those and the theme colors in the CSS I imagine).

    Is there a definitive, detailed, how-to for the Executive child theme somewhere? And why won’t shortcodes work in the Home Top widget?


    I am ready to move on from Studio press if my issues aren’t resolved. ¬†I haven’t been able to get it working since purchase.



    @edselby, I just looked at your site and I’m seeing the same “Three-Columns” output in home-top, home-cta (call to action), and home-middle. So it looks like you’re getting your columns shortcode to work in Home Top. Maybe it was a cacheing issue when you were testing before?

    The font size also looks very standard to me in the body text, the same as shows in the Executive demo. Of course elements can all be changed in css and it sounds like you’re well equipped for that.

    In terms of a tutorial for Executive , there’s a very basic one here: – I’m not using this theme so I’m not sure what the Getting Started instructions on My StudioPress cover and if that tutorial offers more or not.

    Brad is a great resource here and there are others to help too, just post your questions as you have and we’ll do what we can to steer you the right way.



    This is a screenshot of the current state of the home page:

    Executive theme home page

    As you can see, the columns do not spread evenly across the widget area and the slider doesn’t go full width. In my mind, these things should work “out of the box” and not require a lot of tweaking of the functions file, or messing with the CSS, or adding un-documented plug-ins.

    I’ve been working with WP for over 7 years, and though Genesis has been widely recognized as the Best WP Theme, I’m having a hard time justifying my purchase. I have spent well over 8 hours just trying to get the home page to function correctly.



    This is a crazy question and if it’s dumb…. please let me know, but why are you trying to stick columns in those areas? Those areas aren’t designed to hold columns. I am not sure what you are trying to do. There are three widget areas for your content.

    Here are the instructions for setting up the theme correctly –

    Each of the three areas under the sliders are Widget area. You drag over a Featured Page or Feature Post Widget into those area to populate those area.

    The Call to Action area was not coded in CSS to hold that type of content – you control that with the CSS.

    The additional three areas under the Call to Action area are also Widget areas. You drag over a Featured Page or Featured Post Widget or you can add in more widgets.

    Those areas are not set up for Column Classes.



    Oh I see – I thought you meant that the shortcode wasn’t working in that content area at all.

    There’s definitely a learning curve with Genesis, though for me, it was worth going through it. I personally think they could do a better job of communicating the technical skillset required to make use of the framework in their marketing materials. I was new to both WP *and* Genesis when I first dove in, so it was a little overwhelming. But I’m now very happy with it based on the flexibility, and I trust the codebase in terms of security and stability. So, that was a good tradeoff for me. But I do understand the frustrations!

    I recommend that you contact StudioPress Support for some help: They’ll be much better equipped than the volunteers on this forum to dive into specific issues you’re having (they also offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied).

    I hope you make it work! And please don’t hesitate to post more here – like I said, there’s a lot of knowledge available and plenty of people who are willing to give a hand.



    I posted above yours. We must have bumped heads, but I will say this. There are theme developers (who shall be nameless) who develop themes using Short Codes. When you first look at the theme you think they are widgetized areas and in fact it’s one large area, split up by using “column short codes.” That is NOT typically how Studiopress and Genesis Framework developers code their themes. And I have only seen one developer out there who does it this way.



    Put this in your CSS (at end):

    .home-middle .widget, .home-top .widget {
    width: 100%;

    and see if that works for you.


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    I’ve looked at his CSS and the widget codes are there, he just needs to drag one of the Featured Posts widgets or Featured Page widgets into those areas. The areas are not generated by Column Classes they are Widget areas. Go to Appearance > Widgets and drag something in there.



    I agree with Anita’s analysis. Some people who have had a lot of experience with WP are often used to the old blog-page model. They are not used to working with widgetized home pages. I always suggest that people see the “Genesis TV” tutorial on making the Agency theme look like the demo. That will go a long way in showing how widgetized themes work.


    Susan Nelson

    I just finished a site using Executive and I think it’s my new favorite theme. :)

    In the Home Top widget area, just add 3 widgets and they will automatically show in the neat and tidy 3 columns as seen in the demo. I literally added 3 text widgets and they look like the demo.

    The same goes for the Home Middle widget area…

    As far as the slider, it looks like you may need to adjust the settings. According to this, it should be 1140px by 445px.

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