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    I thought it would be a fun topic of conversation…

    Do you use StudioPress in your profession (in other words, do you build sites for clients), or for your own personal use?

    In both this new forum and in the old forum, I got the impression that most users are in the business of building/selling web design. Would I be far off the mark?

    I’m just an individual user; I had been blogging for over 8 years over at Blogger, and finally decided to take the jump to a self-hosted WordPress site; the Genesis framework was used by some of my favorite blogs, so it seemed a natural choice to me, especially when I kept reading about how easy it was to customize. I will blame my husband a little – he’s a photographer who wanted me to learn Dreamweaver so I could build him a website. I bought Genesis, and told him I’d build him a website using this framework, so he might be my first “client”.

    Would about you?


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    I think you’ll find that most of the people posting here often are designer/developers or people who started off tweaking a website for themselves and discovered how much fun it can be so went on to do sites for friends/family. I know many of those went on to make a living from it after getting “the bug”.

    I use WordPress for most client sites and about 90% of those will end up going with Genesis and a child theme. The other 10% have other themes in mind or just decide against a framework.

    And I use Genesis for all my personal projects because it’s so easy to build up a site quickly with minimal coding.

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    I’m fairly new to Genesis but have fallen in love with it. I haven’t purchased the pro-plus package because most of the work I do is custom. Ever since I got comfortable with Genesis, I’ve used it as the framework (3 so far). My clients haven’t cared how I do the job, just as long as it gets done and Genesis has really helped make it much easier so far.  I have been thinking I could always purchase the pro-plus package and then offer the themes as sort of a low-cost version of my services if they don’t want to pay the price of a full custom site.



    That story is a long strange journey, and I’m kinda glad I’m still taking it  :)

    The short version is I hand-coded my first website in 1994 (the first two domains I registered were still free back then!), and discovered WordPress completely by chance in 2005 and was fascinated by it.

    I ended up converting the first two FarPoint Media sites from Movable Type to WordPress sometime in 2006 I think, and sometime in 2008 after struggling with a few clunky free themes we jumped on the Revolution bandwagon (I’d been impressed to see what someone had done with Revolution Black), and my first major Slice of SciFi upgrade used Revolution City not long after.

    I’ve been using Revolution/Revolution Two/StudioPress/StudioPress Genesis themes for my WordPress websites, both personal and client sites, almost exclusively ever since. 2012 is the first year I’ve really made a go out of making a primary business out of website design, simply because of what seems to be a flaky job market for people with more than 25 years Unix admin experience but no network admin or Windows admin experience to go along with  :(

    Fortunately, there seem to be a lot of people who want and need WordPress help, so I’m hoping that need stays around for a while, as well as awesome StudioPress themes to use  :)

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    Both.   I use Genesis for my sites and for a few client sites.  I love the framework.

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    I have been building websites professionally for the last 10 years. Mostly html, but I did have a short flirtation with WordPress in 2006, before deciding it was too much trouble for my clients to maintain (none of them could have managed the updates, which were manual then) and I didn’t want to manage, just design.

    I  started using WordPress again a little over a year ago, and now use it almost exclusively. I do not use Genesis as a rule – one of my clients really liked the Generate theme and wanted me to use it, so I built his site with it. It has not been the easiest theme I’ve ever worked with, I must admit. ;-) But I love WordPress, and am certainly curious to know more about Genesis as a framework.



    I think this is a great discussion. Thanks for starting it. I got into Genesis because a client had heard of it. I bought Genesis and started doing customizations in Genesis core like every other theme I had ever done. I was confused about the way the code was put together and it took me twice as long to do that site, then I found some info that basically said I had done it all wrong. Fortunately I was able to pull all the CSS into a child theme very easily and I worked up the PHP changes. The hook concept clicked right away and I got the rebuild done pretty quickly.

    I did a couple more client sites going back and forth on WooThemes and Genesis before I decided I could code much faster in Genesis. Now I use it pretty much exclusively.

    I’ve actually moves away from client work recently (full time youth pastor and full time Copyblogger employee so after 90-100 hours of work I’m done for the week) so I guess technically I am only using Genesis for personal sites not clients now.



    Hi Guys, great topic.

    SoZo hit the nail on the head for my situation, I created a product back in 2008 (Baby’s First Calendar), paid a graphic designer to, well, design the site then paid a “coder” to code it, it wasn’t cheap.

    Shortly after I wanted to start A/B testing button positions and colours and so on and this cost me more money with the coder. So I mentioned on a forum that I wanted to learn HTML & CSS and a chap kindly said he was passing my neck of the woods that weekend and he had a book I could have for free called “Learn CSS & HTML in 24hrs” – true to his word he dropped it off to me – thanks that man.

    Like Sozo said I got the bug and realised I enjoyed creating websites more than the little product Idea I had. I stumbled on Studiopress, can’t remember how, may have been from Copyblogger – tried it and really like it.

    I’ve since sold that company and now make websites for others as a sideline income on the Genesis framework, I also use it for my 2 personal blogs – absolutely love it, although you do need to know some html & css (maybe a little php) to get the most from it.





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