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    Hello,I  noticed something strange.  I am using two different tracking codes to test my entrys and exits to my website.  (piwik and getclicky

    i have placed both codes under “theme settings” and in the “header” section of my agentpress two themes.i tested the tracking by searching for my website in google, and then clicked on the link, and for some reason tracking is showing that it is coming through as “direct entry”

    i noticed that the majority of my traffic comes from direct entry which doesn’t seem right. once in a while it will show the keywords, or “keyword not defined” if the user is logged into a google product.   any thoughts? do i need to place tracking code somewhere else?



    At first thought your two tracking codes could be conflicting and interfering with each other. Although I am not experienced with either of the products you use, I do use tracking and I only have one of them active.

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    no that can’t be it – because i realized 1  was causing the problem for a long time now.   i just installed additional one to see if it was also occuring there and it is.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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