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    I am using the french version of WP and there are words that are still in english. I have yet to find if they are in WP, in Genesis master theme or the Agency Pro child theme.

    For instance, in the middle section of my homepage, the post contains:

    31 décembre 2013 By coop2010 Leave a Comment

    Although I have modified the Post Info in Genesys Simple Edits plug-in, “By” is still not translate. On the other hand, if I leave a comment, the word “By” is translate properly.

    So, this seems to imply that some of the post info is generated by wordpress.

    If so, someone has an idea where I should look in WP.


    Claude Cormier
    Quebec, Canada


    Salut Claude! :)

    You would find those strings to translate (and more) in Genesis. To do that you’ll need an application like POEdit or a plugin. I know there’s a Genesis translation plugin of some sort. I never tried it as, early in my using WordPress, I discovered the CodeStyling Localization plugin and I’ve used that ever since. The advantage is that you an translate any plugin or theme with it (as long as they are localized properly). You can find it here:

    The following plugin would also enable you to change the post info, post meta and footer text directly using text and shortcodes:

    Good luck!


    Grégoire Noyelle

    Hello Claude
    The string you’re are talking about comes from Genesis Frameworks
    Normally the plugins Genesis Translation do the right job. I made the french part.



    Thanks – Merci


    Andrea Rennick

    Those are filterable ares that are customizable. Please see the code snippets area in for each section.

    They are not translated by the plugin or po edit because they are *customizable* so you must do them manually in the functions file.

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    Hey Andrea,

    I’d love to know how to customize them in functions.php (are there docs on those filters somewhere?) but the default values are indeed taken from the translation files (.mo file if it exists), however they are translated. I usually use CodeStyling or more recently, POEdit but translating with either does work and the text show correctly in French in the front end.


    Grégoire Noyelle

    All the code snippets are here. The plugins Genesis translation works for
    most of the strings.
    The snippets provide very customizable for each web site without changing .po files like for post info

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