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    There’s a nasty inconsistency going on with breadcrumbs on this site around the PRODUCTS pages.

    “Lightning” and “30-pin Cables” are child pages of PRODUCTS and each has a query_arg to show respective posts with category 82, or 83.

    If one clicks on PRODUCTS and then click on “TTL Serial Cable” produces
    You are here: Home / 30-Pin Cables / TTL Serial Cable (C2-TTL)

    Why did PRODUCTS disappear (home/products/30-pin-cables/ttl-….)

    Clicking on “Console Cable (c2…)” produces
    You are here: Home / Console Cable (C2-RJ45V)

    So now not only has PRODUCTS disappeared but so has the properly tagged post category (i.e. 30-pin-cables)

    Both the TTL Serial and Console Cable posts are tagged with 30-pin-cables but behave differently

    So there two problems going on. Shouldn’t breadcrumbs show steps all the way back to PRODUCTS if you start from a child of the parent (PRODUCTS)?

    And why is breadcrumb seemingly losing its way or getting confused by similarly named tags? While I was fiddling, I noticed that for the Console post breadcrumbs was showing home/console/console/ cable c2… when “console” (to identify as simple tag or topic) was tagged in addition to “30-pin-cables” (to identify as product) and 30-pin didn’t override. Once I unchecked the tag “console” that path morphed into the one cited above.

    The other child page Lightning, seems to be working in at least noting Lightning Cables correctly in breadcrumbs, but also dropping PRODUCTS.

    I am wondering if it is an issue of path moving from page (home) –>> page (PRODUCTS query arg for cat=82,83) –>> child page (cat 82 or 83) –>> culminating in POST with tag 82 or 83 (in addition to other topical tags)

    In Genesis theme settings the check boxes don’t see to address these sorts of issues.

    FInally, when going back down the chain from the post browser page for main tag is shown instead of back to PRODUCTS.


    My experience with breadcrumbs is that they work back through the categories – not so much the page navigation from menus – and because I forget to add tags, I don’t have any experience with whether or not adding them affects the breadcrumbs or not.

    What I do know is that if you go to and click on Our Pros in the menu, you’ll hit the Pros page I painstakingly designed from the portfolio template that’s in Balance and a couple other child themes. But if you click on Pros in the breadcrumbs, you get the category page. I imagine if I wanted to spend the time, I could edit the breadcrumbs functions in the appropriate php file or add a new function to change that behavior – but I haven’t found it necessary.

    OTOH, the clients are tennis pros, not iDevice cable geeks. ;-)

    I think if you do some more fiddling with your menus and categories, and leave tagsout of it until the breadcrumbs are to your liking, then you can add tags galore – unless that’s what you’ve done.

    Now – can I bring something else up?

    If I were you, I’d get the passive verbs – “can be tailored to your requirements” and “are used in enterprise deployments worldwide” – out of your headlines.

    As an early boss once told me, you can’t bore people into buying your products. So instead, I’d say something like, “Now get the custom cables you need for exactly the use cases you need …” and “Across the globe, companies from small businesses to the enterprise, deploy Redpark cables …”

    See how those headlines have more energy, more life? They also put the reader – your prospect – into the story, so he/she can start imagining what it’s like to use your products – solving their problems and getting the results they need. It’s not about the product and the company anymore – prospects don’t care about that – it’s about them, their favorite subject.

    After all – which would you rather read about – a product on a website, or a story that’s all about you?

    Hope some of this helps –

    Mary Baum

    Sharing the good news about the wonders of web typography and the split-step. Either one should get you moving fast. ;-)

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