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    hi guys, hoping someone has some ideas here:

    I have Agency theme site with a slider on the front page (actually it’s not sliding at the moment but that’s because I turned it off to always display a Xmas message!).

    The site has a lot of static content and it’s these pages that I normally want to put in the slider, rather than posts. But I want to put up a ‘New Years Resolutions’ post that I want to be in the slider with the pages. How can I do this?

    Second, how can I get the slider to display in the specific order I want? Neither Date, Title nor Id gives me the order I want. Is there a way to force a specific order? I suppose I could edit the ‘date’ the page was published in WordPress, would that work??

    If your questions are regarding Genesis Responsive Slider:

    1. You can either show pages or post (mix of both ain’t possible). Configure this in Slider Settings.
    2. Order of slides could work by modifying dates (I haven’t tried it though) refer –

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    Some time ago, I wrote a little workaround on getting pages and posts to show up in the slider. If you don’t need a lot of page, try this. You could also use this plugin called Custom Category/Post Order where you can drag and drop the order of posts in a particular category. Try it – it may work for the slider.



    Thanks anitac – I had thought about using a URL redirect but didn’t work out the bit about stopping the dummy post appearing in the archives!



    Let me know if it works for you. :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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