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    Hey gang,

    The one thing I really miss from the old forums was the unanswered posts link. Is there a URL I can bookmark for that or a way to add a link for that, etc?


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    Enticing offer, Nick.  If it hasn’t expired, how about a) making a link somewhere for something like Forum Views, of which this would be one and b) adding another view of threads the current user has posted in?

    For (a), it would be so much easier to use the view you created if it were more easily accessible.

    For (b), I found the My Forum Posts link on the old forum very useful.  For example, if I answered a question, that allowed me to check back and see if my answer worked.  Without that link, it’s not as simple.  I realize I can use a favorite and drop that later, or subscribe/unsubscribe.  But both of those are 2 steps, which makes it less likely that I follow up on threads where I’ve contributed something.  The fewer threads per page on the new forum makes it far more likely that by the time I check back, a topic is harder to find without these helpful views.

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    We are looking to see if there is a simple way to have a “my replies” url.



    It’s great that we can see the unanswered posts, but also really depressing to see that there are 192 topics without answers. :(

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    Well that’s a cool little hack!  Have one for threads I haven’t read yet?



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    Susan, I hear you about the unanswered posts. I really liked the previous forum, because I could post a question and have answers within hours. Several days ago, on the new forum setup here, I posted a question about changing link colors in a theme and included what I found with Firebug and what I didn’t understand. No replies except for an update on the post that I did myself.

    It wasn’t like this before, and one of the GREAT things about Studiopress has always been the generous support on these forums. Maybe things will settle down with the new structure of the forums and it become more like it used to be.    :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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