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    my WP site was working fine this morning.

    I updated WP itself, and things continued to work fine.
    I updated 3 plugins – all still good
    I updated Genesis – now the admin side is a completely white page. Nothing going on. It makes no difference which link I try to visit via the WP admin bar at the top.

    Bizarrely, the front end is still working normally.

    Any ideas? Before you tell me to roll back to my last backup, the site was being worked on last night, and those design changes hadn’t yet been backed up, so prefer not to resort to doing that.




    Try going to your log in URL and what do you see? It should be:




    Yep, the url is as you describe, but a completely white screen. Looking at the code, it has COMPLETELY wiped it out.

    All there is, is:


    What I don’t understand is how the front end is still working as expected. The site functions normally for a viewer, but nothing available for admin…..

    Very confused.



    I am having the same issue except I have no front end and I only updated WP.



    I was sent these instructions by support, and worked like a charm:

    There’s a number of ways to recover access to the admin. A white screen always means a php error, so you can access the error logs on the server and read the most recent line to determine exactly what the issue is.

    Temporarily removing the child theme and Genesis will make WordPress revert back to the default theme and you can gain access as well. If you just move the theme folders out to a new folder on the server, none of your code edits are lost. Then move just Genesis back and activate it. That ensures it is not Genesis with an error. Then move your child theme back.

    You can also deactivate the plugins folder by renaming it. (Don’t rename the themes folder)

    Obviously, you have to use an FTP prog to make this happen.




    Thanks. This worked for me as well.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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