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    It’s nice that when Genesis receives an update, the customizations we’ve made to our child theme remain untouched. But what about when the child theme gets an update (as is happening now with the transition to HTML5 “Pro” versions of each child theme)?

    I suppose if I choose to add custom CSS into a plugin’s custom CSS area (as with Jetpack or Genesis Extender), then that will be retained. But what about everything else? I assume it gets overwritten. How does one make the transition to a new version of the same child theme without going crazy?



    The Pro versions of child themes (or any child theme update, for that matter) are considered a whole new theme. There is no compelling reason to update unless you just want to; the child themes are just a skin that sits on top of the framework to change how it looks, so the functionality updates your site needs are included in Genesis updates.

    That said, if you really want to use HTML5, you would have to rework many of your customizations because a lot of CSS indicators are different in HTML5. Custom functions would also need to be tweaked because of the new Genesis hooks. Does Genesis Extender have the checkbox to upgrade to HTML5 like Dynamik? I believe it does. If not, you can run your custom CSS through the Cobalt Apps Genesis HTML5 Converter to get it ready. I’d still recommend making a backup because there’s a good chance something will break. Hope that helps!

    Andrea Whitmer, Owner, Nuts and Bolts Media
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    How about creating your own child, and then place into it an exact copy of the Genesis theme stylesheet and modify that? I just tried it with Lifestyle Pro. In my child I also included an exact copy of functions.php, and it seems to be working. Disclaimer: only just now tried it – don’t know if it’s working 100% and I’m not knowledgeable enough to speak to any downsides.




    I’m new on Studiopress.
    So to be sure, Andrea you say the updates mainly concern Genesis framework, and not the child theme.
    >> Is there ever child themes updates ?

    I’m using Epik theme. So I want to be sure I can directly make modifications on the original theme.

    Thank you for your answer!



    Epik may be different since it’s made by a third party company – I would check with Appfinite to be sure. But in general, you can modify your child theme directly; that’s what they’re there for. :)

    Andrea Whitmer, Owner, Nuts and Bolts Media
    I provide dev and training services for web designers • Find me on Twitter and Google+

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