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    Hi anyone

    I want to update from Lifestyle theme 1.0 to the 2.0 and need help,  and best procedure I am new to this many thanks I have some important questions please I need clarifying:

    • firstly is that  2.0 build right now, the very latest build for lifestyle theme?

    I presume updating  does not loose all your page content if you update this theme?

    • retaining certain attributes of old site important question:

      My current website by my old webmaster  had some changes done to the  site thickness  and color of  overall body border i.e. the content border and  its side bar border over in the  style sheet for lifestyle css and also things such as the header image, fonts size and style for H tags ie.  h1 1 and h2 tags etc what we wanted and so forth

    • hence my question of importance:  Does updating the theme from what I have now  to very latest version  mean everything gets lost?

    I presume I have to redo all this to new stylesheet using a copy of what I did of the soon to be old  style sheet files ?

    If so wow I have 5 sites to do how time consuming if this is what you have to): Unless someone knows another way

    • So what about any images I had in various pages of the SIDE BARS and text will the images  be automatically replaced ok by the new version of the theme… 

    In other words I won’t have to apply all the images and text again will I?

    • Lastly then baring in mind what I  have said above,  How should I proceed to update the theme and do it changing  from version 1.o to the latest do it via ftp and all content that was in lifestyle folder  becomes swapped to new version?

    These are my thoughts if that is what I have to do would some kindly correct me if I am wrong  in order for my site to look the same  as it did i.e. (h tags, header, borders colors/ thickness we used etc)  now I have new latest theme:

    I open up old style sheet…. and copy those codes css etc to the now new latest theme version style sheet (up load a copy, via ftp, open up in word pad  save and re upload/replace its new changes to whats is there right now)  and bingo my site should look now the same and  additionally apply any setting the new theme does now to ways  I may also find handy -is that correct?

    Oh  and yes,  I have backed up my entire site now anyways updating the theme and also exported using tools >export and  have the xml file as well.

    Appolygies for slightly long post just need to be clear on things!
    and any typos):





    Everything is a process. You cannot take your style.css from one and just copy it over to the other as there may have been changes. You should open both files to see if there are difference. You will retain your content in the widget that you created. But with any upgrade you should always back up your files (database, theme, theme setting, etc.) before upgrading/

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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