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    I made this website for my client in 2007 and it hasn’t been updated since.  It is the Lifestyle Theme and I’m wondering the best practice to get it up to date.

    The sidebar is wrapping to the bottom of the homepage now, which it started doing when my client embedded a new video on the home page.

    Already changed width of video, but clueless what to try next.

    1. What’s the best way to incrementally update WP?

    2. To what version is Lifestyle theme updatable?

    3.  Any clues to fixing sidebar?


    UT Mod

    For Sidebar positioning –

    fix the width from 610px to 100% as –

     float: left;
     margin: 0;
     padding: 0;
     width: 100%;

    For updating, you can try the manual method.

    1) backup everything.

    2) download updated packages (of genesis, wordpress and theme)

    3) replace existing packages via FTP or cPanel.


    For updating, do I need to update gradually or can I go straight to 3.5 from a much older version?  And thank you!


    UT Mod

    Well, I always update regularly so I don’t actually know about that. But, I believe if you update it, it won’t be any problem.

    BUT, be sure to take the backup of whatsoever is in your wp-conetnt->theme folder specifically. It would be awesome if you can backup the whole installation though (just for safe measure).



    @sondra, you may run into some issues because you are not using the Genesis Framework with that and you may find it’s more trouble trying to hack it than to start over. I personally think you would really benefit to re-develop their website with the new Lifestyle theme. Install a fresh copy of WP in another folder, email support for the Genesis Framework and new Lifestyle theme, install them and go from there. Export their content from the current site, import to the new site and go from there. If you need some help, let me know. I’ll be glad to help you.


    UT Mod

    @anitac. But I believe she is using Lifestyle Child Theme, if am not wrong!



    @vajrasa, she’s using the original Lifestyle Theme that was developed in or before 2007. Genesis Framework was not in existence then – so her theme is not Genesis compatible. She would need to get the new/current Lifestyle and Genesis Framework to upgrade.


    Oh dear, I had not even thought of that.  Isn’t there a way to export posts and pages and then re-import them after installing Genesis and the new LifeStyle theme?

    What is the best way to export/import?  I’ve done that with one of the demos before, is the same process?  I can’t remember the plugin I used, though.



    Yes @Sondra, just go to Tools > Export and export everything. Then once you get the new Genesis and Lifestyle themes installed, do your import. Make sure you install Genesis first. If you don’t you’ll get an error. If you need more help, post here or you can contact me offline.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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