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    I recently upgraded to 1.92 from 1.8 aand once I did the agentpress css 2 no longer works. Any thoughts? This has happened on a few of my sites recently and I cant figure out the fix. Please help!!


    all plugins are disabled



    If you made edits directly to style.css in the 1.8 version of AgentPress, they will be lost will when you upgraded the child theme. If you have a backup of 1.8, you can take the style.css file and pull out the customizations you need. Otherwise, you’ll need to re-do them. :/


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    OP would’ve had to have upgraded from Genesis Core 1.8 to 1.92, since AgentPress is actually at v2.02, however it is unclear what OP did with the child theme.

    @danapointhomes Can you clarify? If you overwrote any custom AgentPress child theme styles in this process, I’m afraid you’ve lost them. You would have had to manually uploaded any new child theme code to your site, as child themes don’t automatically update (unless something has changed that I’m not aware of).

    I’ve updated Genesis Core dozens of times without any issues across dozens of sites.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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