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    I needed to upgrade PHP to 5.3.5 in order to accomodate a forum plugin. Ever since, I’m seeing sporadic PHP errors on my Genesis site. The error log shows assorted errors, but these are the most predominant.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function genesis() in /home/mysite/public_html/wp-content/themes/genesis/single.php on line 21


    Any suggestions? I’ve got a rather sparce custom.php, which I deleted to see if it was the source.


    I’ve also uploaded a fresh copy of WordPress and Genesis, but still seeing errors.


    Is it possible that something needs to be configured by my host when they upgraded?


    Any recommendations are greatly appreciated. I’m at a loss when it comes to PHP errors and this particular error doesn’t seem to point me in any direction.

    It doesn’t happen with every page, but my error log shows it’s happening with a bit of consistency.

    Thanks in advance.




    Interesting, so I pulled this out of my custom.php and so far *fingers crossed*, the errors are gone.


    /** Customize the credits */
    add_filter(‘genesis_footer_creds_text’, ‘custom_footer_creds_text’);
    function custom_footer_creds_text($creds) {
    $creds = ‘© 2012 My CompanyAbout Privacy ‘;
    return $creds;

    /** Remove the return to top of page text */
    add_filter(‘genesis_footer_backtotop_text’, ‘custom_footer_backtotop_text’);
    function custom_footer_backtotop_text($backtotop) {
    $backtotop = ”;
    return $backtotop;


    Anyone on what might have caused the issue and how I can add these snippets back without the errors?

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    Spoke too soon. It’s back.
    [23-May-2013 15:51:49 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function genesis() in /home/directory/public_html/wp-content/themes/genesis/single.php on line 21



    Line 21 of single.php is the call to the Genesis engine. You may want to contact StudioPress support for help on this.



    Per usual, deactivate all of your plugins and see if that works. If so, re-activate them one by one to find which might be causing an issue.



    Has this issue with Genesis and PHP 5.3 been resolved?

    I am using Piwik Analytics to monitor my website. Recently when I logged into the control panel it shows me an automatic message below asking me to upgrade from PHP 5.2.17 to 5.3 or higher.



    “You are currently using PHP 5.2.17.

    Piwik is quickly improving and in order to provide you with an improved state-of-the-art Web Analytics platform, we will soon be increasing the minimum required PHP version to PHP 5.3. Please ask your server administrator or web hosting provider to update your PHP to the latest version, ideally PHP 5.4.

    When you upgrade to PHP 5.3 or higher, this message will disappear and your Piwik server will process reports much faster using less memory. Update PHP and get the most out of Piwik! “



    Just to chime in here – I wouldn’t upgrade PHP versions just to run a plugin. You should really do your homework about how upgrading will effect WordPress and also Genesis.



    Actually, in this case you should.

    PHP 5.2 was end-of-life in January 2011, is no longer supported or maintained by PHP, and could very well be a security risk at this point.

    The very least you should be running is PHP 5.3. If your ISP isn’t running at least PHP 5.3 yet or not planning to upgrade soon, run away to another host.

    That said, I have about 35 sites running Genesis using PHP 5.3 and 5.4, with no problems, and definitely not seeing this error, so maybe it’s something local to your server?

    I have an entirely different set of reasons why you should punt on Piwik, but that’s not a discussion for this forum :)

    WordPress / Genesis Site Design & Troubleshooting: A Touch of Summer | @SummerWebDesign
    Slice of SciFi | Writers, After Dark

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    OK thanks for all the feedback and advice. I did not know that there is no support for PHP 5.2 and end of life was declared in 2011. Andrew



    For the record, I’m with Summer. php 5.2 is dead, insecure and not happy camperville. Get away from it! But since I’m not seeing any definitive answers here and it’s my first day on the forum, let me have a crack…

    Call to undefined function genesis() in /home/directory/public_html/wp-content/themes/genesis/single.php on line 21

    Initially seems very straight forward.

    1. single.php in a default genesis rollout has one line of actual code: genesis(); Unless you’ve changed your default themes directory or got some fancy rewrites going on, this is fine because the error reports the file to be in the correct place.
    2. The error is clear: this function does not exist/cannot be found. php can’t find it and thinks you’re crazy.
    3. From my other works with Marketpress earlier this morning with frankenstein’ing MP+Genesis, I know that the function “genesis” resides in /wp-content/themes/genesis/framework.php

    1. Check that you have the core genesis theme installed and untouched.
    2. Check that framework.php is in the right place and untouched.
    3. Confirm with your host that they did NOT ‘upgrade php’ by moving you on to a different server/cluster or otherwise change your root paths.
    4. Clear/clean/destroy anything that looks like a cache. AND turn caching plugins off.
    5. Check your functions.php file – see if you’re doing anything cool there like remove_xxxxx I don’t know if you can remove the entire genesis framework in this fashion, but yeah – check.
    6. Google how to turn on WP debug mode and go looking for other causes.
    7. Not sure if it’s relevant here – but check if SAFE MODE is on. If it is, that causes a hell of a lot of issues across the board and you need that off asap :)
    8. Check CHMODs and CHOWNs with your host – does your user on the website (not WP user, the hosting user) have all the appropriate privileges to load/read the files that genesis requires? Did their php upgrade change anything significant like suExec? Did they implement cool “security” features like not allowing full php operation on any CHMOD lower than 655 but less than 777 (Don’t laugh, have seen it – no rights or all rights, else Joomla/WP don’t work!).

    That’s about all I can come up with. But the real short version: it just cannot find that function in framework.php – very simple error. Probably annoying as hell to find though :)

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    You are running the PROSE THEME which has a bit of a different file structure. It also looks like you might be using an out of date Genesis Framework. It’s showing 1.5.2. We are currently running 1.9.2. Can you please verify what version of the Genesis Framework you currently have on your website?

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