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    Hello everyone!

    I am in such need of help.

    Back story – on a whim I decided to take the plunge from wordpress.com hosted blog to self hosted in order to get full control over everything (especially with all the amazing things I have read about genesis).

    I created the layout I wanted, I have everything figured out how I want it to look. And now I am in way over my head.

    I am trying to teach myself CCS and HTML and whatever PHP is. It is a HUGE learning curve. I am curious if there is a simple way of somehow taking what I designed (InDesign) and somehow transferring/uploading/creating/teleporting it into code? I know I can hire a developer but I feel like I have just sunk so much money already I was kind of hoping to teach myself…

    I guess my question is – is there an ‘easy’ way of doing this? What are the best coding resources to help me (I plan on using the eleven40 theme)?


    CSS not CCS**



    Have you seen this?



    I have not!! Therefore, you are absolutely amazing!



    Kellylise I am curious if anyone has created a site in webflow (or macaw or pinegrow or whatever) and managed to integrate WordPress/Genesis. I found a tutorial on integrating with Ultimatum theme but I’d rather stick with Genesis.

    lifefullofjules did you get anywhere with webflow?


    Hi Landon,
    I actually got nowhere with webflow. I was unable to do a lot of the things which I wanted to do. I was got incredible frustrated with the program. It was good, but limited. All of the help provided was for the Ultimatum theme like you said and I needed more ‘hand holding’ with Genesis.

    In the end I decided to stick with Genesis (Beautiful Pro Theme), and using the Firebug extension on Firefox to help with the CSS as it provides you with a live view of what you are changing including the line of CSS the change is on.

    The easiest thing I found was using adobe illustrator and essentially ‘mapping’ out how I wanted it to look (much like I was attempting to do with webflow) then going onto my site and using Firebug to make the live changes, finding the corresponding CSS and making the change on the style sheet.

    Are you familiar with Firebug? Basically go to your site, right click different parts for example the header, or menu bar, etc and click “inspect element with firebug” and just go from there. It was the easiest and most straight forward thing I did.

    Ultimately I think webflow is good but it is a “WYSIWYG” and the reviews for them are awful on different forums – then again that could partially be because people dedicate their careers to coding and this program can make everyone a ‘coder’ granted you know how to work it. I had issues, I couldn’t personalize it like I wanted, and I feared compromising Genesis.



    Yes, that’s basically what I do now through Safari’s web inspector. Just been trying to find a faster way to go from a design/mockup to a WordPress theme. As a 1 person business, anywhere I can shave off time is helpful!

    Thanks for the response!


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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