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    @bamajr I’m the “samaritan” who gave Genesis to David while you were kicking dirt on him on Twitter and his forum. David scheduled a screensharing session a few days later, so we could have a pro/con discussion of the plugins. He also helped me diagnose other glitches I ran into and pointed me to gists and documentation to help me out with some questions I had. I’m quite happy using the Leads plugin now with Genesis themes handling landing pages, but given the work they are putting into it I expect the LP and CTA plugins will be in a lot better shape soon.

    @Summer Studio Press, Woo Themes, and maybe a few others have such a large market the way they do things becomes standard and has at times influenced the WP core itself in big ways. Plugin developers have to accept that. What is “standard” in the WP core is often legacy stuff that should make you want to laugh or cry, not get upset with theme frameworks that override it; that is their job. That doesn’t mean they can do no wrong or that their way of doing things won’t cause problems for you. For example, I’ve never understood why a framework + child themes is seen as a good idea rather than parent themes that use a framework (like Hybrid). Genesis may “do things the WordPress way” by using child themes, but this leaves you no way to substantially modify the theme that will not become an obstacle to future upgrades.

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    @Dan, I’ll be the first one in line to list the problems WordPress core has with image handling (and I might even get elbowed out of the way by a few hundred folks for that spot), but Genesis piling on by taking a left turn at Albuquerque and insisting that Rt 66 is really Rt 10 because they say so doesn’t help anyone :)

    And please, don’t get me started on the case study in QA failure that is WooThemes. I could rage on that for days and make the Hulk go crying for his mommy. I was burned by them so badly I went running to WPMU. I will never use their themes or WooCommerce ever again… thus my persistence in getting WPMU’s MarketPress to play nicely with Genesis.

    When the WPMU dev took me up on my offer of a Genesis sandbox for them to test MarketPress and possibly also Directory and Classifieds, I could have kissed all of them. The fact they found the problem so quickly and were able to fix it (I believe the updated version of MP is available now, or will be soon) brought me great joy :)

    Don’t get me wrong… I love what I’ve been able to do with Genesis over the years, and I get excited when I see new themes coming out, even though I have a thought in mind for one of my own and just lack the time to sit down and code it. I just wish the intellectual disconnect wasn’t so big an obstacle when it comes to doing certain things “backwards” from how WP does it.

    If it’s a true mod that Genesis has made, I’m okay with that as long as it’s documented and instructions are provided as to how to make it work with other WP components. It’s arrogant and disrespectful to say “oh, there’s no problem here, go pay one of our devs to look into it for you” when several hundred people are complaining about the issue.

    Is it so hard to say “Hey, we made this change because we think this achieves the end result better than what WP provides, and here’s what to look for if it causes you problems”? If anything, I think that would bring MORE people to Genesis, and I would be the first in line (again) to say “Look what they’re doing! How can you not love this?”

    I love Genesis, and I think that’s why when something’s off-kilter it makes me so crazy :)

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