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    little shiva

    I started getting reports of a very strange bug on a site I designed, so I checked it out and yep, it happens to me too. I hadn’t noticed it at all because when I’m logged in to the site to work on it, I publish an article and see it appear right away on the site. But in a couple categories I’ve been working on, the most recent post does NOT show up when you’re logged out – in other words, it’s not visible to random viewers until days later. I have no idea why this is happening. Does anyone have a clue? I uploaded a composite I made of two screenshots, taken seconds apart. The top image shows what I see when I’m logged in (most recent article starts with “Un antidote…”) and the second screenshot shows what I saw after logging out (page refresh makes no difference).

    The link I’m including i the webform below is the link to the category on the site (one of them) in which I’m having this problem.

    Andrea Rennick

    It’s your caching plugin. Not the theme.

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    I thought I’d leave a note here since I recently experienced a similar issue.
    In my case, and I suspect its the same for other similar cases, the issue was caused by the woocommerce stylesheets being minified.

    There could be any number of stylesheets active depending on how many woo extensions / plugins you have active because many of them include their own stylesheets.

    For me, I was running a simple installation with the Name Your Price Extension. The files I needed to exclude from minification were:


    Another way you can check this is to pull up your dev tools on the page in question when the caching plugin(s) is deactivated. In Chrome, Go to your Network tab, then Stylesheets, and find anything dealing with woocommerce. You can then exclude those from the caching plugin one by one to see which one is the offender.

    Hope that helps someone else out there.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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