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    Hi everyone,

    I am new to and am looking for a theme. I would like stability, ease of customisation and future proofing so am looking at Genesis.

    I am a music composer and what I need is the ability to have a video portfolio, but I also want blog elements and to be able to have a dedicated landing/squeeze page.

    I love the look of this so I was looking at Parallax Pro.

    Any suggestions for what might suit me better? And help with the video portfolio aspect appreciated. As I said the site I linked to is what I am looking to create approximately.

    Many thanks. Chris



    You can use any of the themes which include a portfolio custom post type.

    You can change the name from portfolio to video or anything else.

    You can also install a plugin which grabs the video thumbnail image and displays it as the featured image on your portfolio style archive grid.



    If it were me… and I don’t code… but I hack code, I would actually start out with the Outreach theme and start there. That’s just my personal starting point because I see elements of what you shared already in Outreach, they would just need customizing to suit your individual need. A “real front end coder”… might think differently.



    Outreach looks ok anitac, but I think the two above are a bit closer to what I’m after without jumping into code (which I’d like to avoid if I can!) Appreciate the suggestion.

    Thanks braddalton. Minimum Pro includes a portfolio page. Do you think there is some ability to customise the layout/size of the portfolio grid there? Presumably I can embed YouTube videos in the portfolio?

    Or can I install a plugin for the Parallax theme to give me a portfolio grid?



    Yes to all questions.

    Nice looking theme which i’ve worked on a lot and really like.

    From a branding perspective i prefer Outreach Pro but for blogging, Minimum Pro is a very nice looking theme in my opinion.

    Installing plugins for portfolio grids isn’t recommended as its much harder to modify a plugin than code.

    All doable if you know what to do!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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