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    I have a client who was on the Studio Demo sites for Outreach and Executive. She was on a Mac, one of my team members was on a PC and I was on Skype, on a PC. With both demo sites, the theme was not showing properly.

    On the Executive theme, the responsive slider showed the image but not the black text component. It also displayed the footer widgets down the page, not across.

    For the Outreach theme, it too wasn’t showing the slider well and the footer widgets were going down the page, not across.

    They tried to change the screen resolution and she still had the same problem. She loved the themes when she saw them on the PC but wasn’t happy that they could look so different on a Mac.

    Has anyone experienced this? Any fixes or suggestions?




    I work exclusively on Mac and so does a friend and we have never had any problems with the way the themes display. I even look at them on iPad and they are fine.

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    Hi Lynne,

    Thank you for replying. How strange. I’m not a Mac person – could it be something to do with screen resolution?

    Thank you!!

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    Has anyone else has this issue?



    I use a Mac, going back and forth between Chrome and Firefox for development all the time. It could have been that the width of the browser window was narrow enough that it fell into one of the smaller responsive displays? I just updated a site using Executive Pro with no issues.

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    Thank you! I’ll share this feedback.



    I have a similar issue! View my thread here:

    No luck yet on correcting this issue!



    Has anyone else has this issue?

    I provide theme support for some of the third party themes, and have support issues related to themes looking different on a Mac, but have discovered it’s a browser resolution setting which is causing the issue on a particular computer; it’s not related to all Macs…

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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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