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    Cyndy Otty

    As per Brian’s request, I’m posting a new topic. This is hardly a priority in terms of issues since it’s not really a bug, per se.

    Overall, I find StudioPress to be very accessible as a visually impaired person, but routinely bbPress sites somehow aren’t so much. It’s just the way they tend to be set up and I’ve griped on about various issues for years now at the WP forums. It’s not devastatingly difficult for me to navigate through here, but the color scheme is really unhelpful and judging from some of the comments in the other thread it may not be just because I’m blind. :-)

    Specifically the visited links and the blockquote text is very hard for me to see and differentiating where posts end/begin is hard. A slightly darker font color and some more specific contrast between replies or something would go a long way. (I should note that I’m completely colorblind so the colors themselves may be just fine for others, but to me they are all but blending into the background.)

    — Cyndy Otty —




    I know Brian made a few changes after the site was originally released. I’m wondering if this is working better for you?

    Also, I’m wondering if maybe a profile option to enable a kind of high contrast mode would make this more accessible?


    Cyndy Otty

    Sorry, Nick, wasn’t really paying attention to the forums the last, well, month.

    I do see a bit of an improvement contrast-wise from how it was initially, but it does still blend quite a bit for me. I like the idea of the profile option. I’m a big fan of accessibility that doesn’t detract from the overall presentation of the site; really, it should be seamless that way in my opinion.

    — Cyndy Otty —

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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