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    I am using Genesis framework with Freelance Theme.

    I have spent whole day reading blogs of various bloggers to know weather we should allow comments on blog or not. The whole day spent and there was no answer to this question at all . Every one seems to give their explanation with no conclusion found on it. Appreciate if somebody guide me with one of the two ends . YES or NO. As far as i know there is no in-between. Thanks in Advance…


    David Chu

    Generally, if people can comment and interact with you, they will be more likely to visit your site often. Engaging your audience can be very good for your business, image, and sales in today’s social media world. Of course, that means you’re willing to be sociable. You basically get a “new job” talking with your audience, and I’ve noticed that site owners don’t seem to ever realize that. :)

    However, there are some valid reasons for not allowing comments. If you can’t take criticism, then you’ll probably get upset by comments – no matter how great you are, someone will not like your stuff, and people can be nasty. A friend of mine who is a top guitarist does not want any negative comments appearing on his site. So he doesn’t allow comments, but the downside is that there’s no interaction there with his audience. You could also go around deleting every negative comment, but that’s a job, too.

    I can think of one guy, the developer of Thesis, who probably should never interact with his audience – he has a very quick temper, and is blunt and insulting to anyone questioning his beliefs. People like that are better off hiring a social media manager to deal with humans diplomatically. :-)

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    I would have them on, but only for a period of time, in the wordpress settings you can turn off comments after a set number of days, 14 for example, will stop a bit of spam, and encourage your active audience to participate on new topics. I dont usually design for blogs though so i turn them off on all my client sites

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    David has some great reasons not to allow comments! Who knew that it was a question that requires self-psychoanalysis to decide. :-D

    The biggest reason not to allow comments is that you’ll be battling the never-ending onslaught of spam, which can be a real downer.

    If you’re going to allow them, then it’s a commitment to your audience. You don’t want comments to be left unresponded-to for too long or it’s a sure sign of an inactive site, which can drive away business prospects.

    Of course, if your content isn’t interesting in the first place, then it’ll be a bit of a ghosttown (except for the spammers – they don’t care if you’re not witty and wise!). The first priority of a blogger needs to be writing stuff that people care about. If that’s not the type of site you’re doing then you probably don’t need to worry about allowing visitors the means to engage with you.

    So… unfortunately there’s no definitive yes-or-no answer to this! It’s sort of a business philosophy / business model question at its core.

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