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    Brian Gardner

    Nice to see you here Lindsey, thanks for dropping by!



    Looking good.  :)


    Brian Lis

    A doctor, a civil engineer and a StudoPress developer are discussing whose profession is the oldest.
    “Surely medicine is the oldest profession,” says the doctor. “God took a rib from Adam and created Eve and if this isn’t medicine I’ll be…”
    The civil engineer breaks in:
    “But before that He created the heavens and the earth from chaos. Now that’s civil engineering to me.”
    The StudoPress developer thinks a bit and then says:
    “And who do you think created chaos?”

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    Brian Gardner

    Just wanted to see what sample code looks like here:

    /** Add Viewport meta tag for mobile browsers */
    add_action( 'genesis_meta', 'bg_viewport_meta_tag' );
    function bg_viewport_meta_tag() {
    echo '';

    Just wanted to see what sample code looks like here.


    Brian Gardner

    And let’s see how this looks:

    < ?php the_content('Read more...'); ?>



    Hello World…   Brian – The seperate user/pass things probably needs some explanation somewhere it was confusing to first have to setup a new p/w for my.studiopress.com and then 5 seconds later get asked to login to the forums only to find niether my old forum user/pass nor the user/pass I JUST created on my.studiopress.com worked…  I get why, just might need to advise people to make the switch less problematic.



    Brian Gardner

    Thanks Jon – the community forum here is completely separate from the My.StudioPress.com website. In other words, the logins for those are separate since they serve two different purposes.

    We’ve also chosen not to do any kind of import from the current forums at /support, since we wanted to give this place a fresh start.


    Remkus de Vries

    Is there a way to get into the my.sp.com yet?

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    Brian Gardner

    @ Remkus, nope – not yet. We’re literally working through the import now, so hold tight and once we’re done you’ll receive an email.



    @Brain – FYI, I reset my my.studiopress.com password (/wp-login.php) and got logged in this morning… so “we CAN login to my.sp.com).  I did this because I got a “Welcome to StudioPress” email:

    Thank you for trusting StudioPress to give you the tools you’ll need to build an amazing WordPress website.

    Now, to get to your theme download(s) and one-on-one customer support if you need it, just follow these steps:

    1. Go to https://my.studiopress.com/

    2. Log in with the username and password you chose at purchase

    3. Click the “Downloads” tab to download your theme(s)

    4. Explore the rest of https://my.studiopress.com/ for any questions you might have

    5. For support with this theme, please visit http://appfinite.com/forums.

    We’re looking forward to seeing what you build with StudioPress!

    Guessing that came in because months ago I bought a community/marketplace theme…




    Brian Gardner

    @ Jon, yes – that email was accidentally sent out as we were doing our import. Nonetheless, it will work for the My.SP aspect of things.



    The new membership portal looks pretty neat. What is it set up on?

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    Brian Gardner

    We have it built on Premise, with some custom mods – of course.



    This is awesome! Well done StudioPress team! While you can’t beat the efficiency of a ticket-based support system (for both provider and user) you also can’t beat the social aspect of a forum. Glad to see the inclusion of a community-based forum. :)



    Niiiice. :D

    Suggestion. The HTML Tags in the box below are too light to read: http://cl.ly/image/1h1t2P103A0I

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