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    I know this has been asked, but I’ve never understood what the answer is… so I’ll try again in the hope of getting something definitive.

    Genesis is a theme. (They call it a framework… but to WP it is a theme.)

    There are child themes… Agency, Metric, etc.

    If you want to make a change to the child theme, how do you folks do it so that it does not get wiped out at next theme update?

    I’ve read that it is not a “best practice” to create a child of a child, i.e. grandchild.

    I’m used to using a commercial theme like one out of the Elegant collection and a child of that commercial theme… and make style. css changes to that child… or maybe include footer.php in it.

    What is the Genesis “way” for making upgrade-safe changes to style.css and or footer.php? The functions.php will work for code… but what works for style.css?




    Good question

    I actually tried updating my theme to the next one but it failed

    What do I need to do to update my theme?



    I heard back from the Genesis support people after putting in a ticket. Bottom line, they say to make all changes to the child theme. They tell me that child themes are not updated too often and that all the important updates are done in the parent theme, i.e. the Gen framework. They said that when child themes are updated to check the change-log to see what code was affected. I received the impression from the Gen folks that when it comes to child themes, updates are simply not an issue to worry about… all the magic is done in the parent. Fine with me. One less thing to worry about.



    Following is recommended while upgrading (and using framework – child themes).

    1. Always make design and other changes to your Child theme. Do not modify anything in the Genesis framework theme.

    2. If you follow step 1 strictly, then during upgrade – customization done on your website through child theme will remain.  As upgrade process only updates Genesis themes files and do not touch any child theme files.

    Hope this brings some clarity on the issue.



    Answered my question about upgrades, if I want to upgrade the child theme “Agent Press” that i have setup and customized on a test site how would i go about uploading it to the live site?   Can I just copy the style sheet css to the live site?

    If I understood this correctly, when I upgrade to 1.91 Genesis it only upgrades those files, and any custom changes made to those files would be gone.

    Am I correct?


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