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    I find this incredibly hard to work with, and this theme has clearly not been thoroughly tested – the 2.0 version has a ton of instances where the font is askew for some reason. The demo is a disgrace on Chrome on a Mac, I don’t know how it looks for anyone else.

    I don’t know what REMs are but it seems more mixed with other units of measurement in this new theme and I’m not using these themes so I can spend days and weeks wading through this muck – how am I supposed to use a theme like this with all this weirdness under the hood, tell a client to buy it, and then if they move on, their next designer/editor gives me a bad rap for using a theme that has all this bizarre crap mixed up with other recognizable units of measurement.

    We have every right to expect that the themes will conform to some reasonable or some “popular” standard – and at the very least that every theme will be written in similar respects using the same types of measurements. If you want to use REMS go use them, but don’t use them on a single theme.

    And while we’re at it, how about updating the non-responsive themes and don’t worry about the ones that are? Seriously, stop wasting your time upgrading themes that have already been upgraded and upgrade the ones that haven’t already been upgraded. And make the themes upgradeable, we don’t really care if you don’t like doing it, we all do things we don’t like to do – this idea that you release a 2.0 of a theme and it’s completely not able to be installed on top of the 1.0 version of the theme is totally ridiculous and is not a norm in any software setting, not a norm in any wordpress setting, and it’s ridiculous that you think this is an OK way to push out products.

    It speaks more to this idea that you’re only going to do what’s fun for you today instead of bringing everyone up to date with a responsive theme. I last tried Genesis 2 months ago and the base theme did not adjust responsively on smaller screens (with no modifications) so I just gave up again thinking that maybe the base theme wasn’t responsive but the child themes were, because everything here is so random and haphazard and never seems to prioritize customers over what pleases the programmer.

    I’m so pissed about this being even more screwed up in the version 2 of the Metro theme because I want to use the theme but it’s been the most difficult to edit and repair from the wonkiness it has upon release and the difficulty and wonkiness only got worse with version 2. I don’t even begin to know why fonts are simply misaligned on the basic home page layout, but why do you even bother if the product being put out is going to be without any type of quality control whatsoever?

    Has ANY StudioPress theme resembled exactly what I see in the demo? Ugh……… no. Every one had something that was off in the styling in multiple ways.

    We are not here for your experimental happy play fun time so you can sit around thinking “what do i feel like playing with next that would make my day exciting and I’ll push it out as a great addition to the Pro-Plus package” and pass it off as a genesis child theme. It’s insulting to be served up products that are GENESIS CHILD THEMES only to have various ones be completely unrecognizable from others. It’s like subscribing to a foreign language course for French and they push German, Italian, Spanish, English, Polish, Dutch because well they’re all European languages so why should I object?

    As hard as I try, I have yet to use a single Genesis theme on a client site – 4 years after purchase. Other themes always fit the bill better: they provide better features, they’re easier to customize for both me and the client. I approached the Metro theme thinking I’d rise to the challenge of adjusting to the new measurements and thinking sure no problem – and it was a problem. It was harder to adjust. Much harder. I went back to it like 5 times. Could never properly adjust fonts and alignments using REMs. Finally SP puts out a theme that isn’t suited for a knitting party and it’s written in jibberish.




    And really, we’re going to stick with this ridiculous downgrade of the forum and support system with these few categories? Even if you insist on offering technical support that other people can’t browse for self-solving of problems, what is the problem with you just letting the forums for the child themes exist so people can help themselves, and people can help other people…. What is the desire to downgrade to crappy forum software and how have you not fixed this most colossal failure!?




    Hi – it appears you are a little more than put off but it may not be as bad as you think.

    I too am unhappy with the forums compared to the original but that is the way it is.

    We upgraded to the new Metro Pro 2.0 and are generally O.K with it.

    I do not see a changelog or anything terribly innovative so maybe it is all hidden under the hood.

    Upgrading a Genesis Theme is nowhere seamless as upgrading Windows for e.g. but maybe for the future?

    Metro Pro 2.0 looks a little wonky on FireFox with my personalized settings, fonts etc. but renders fine on other browsers we have set aside for testing and installed out of the box without altering any settings.

    Tested it on cell phones, Apple and iPads we keep just for that and it looks good.

    Upgrading from Metro 1 to 2 breaks most everything you will have on your custom home page, widgets etc. so that may be your problem. I too was frightened when the home page blew up on me ;o) But just switch back to old Metro while you gather your thoughts and everything should be fine.

    You can take notes with pencil and paper of all your widgets and settings, or open a new tab to work on the new version of the theme and copy and paste them one by one.

    Took us about a day’s work to get everything working the way we want but that is just us with many widgets and then we had some problems getting W3 Total cache tuned up again as some of the Metro 2.0 JS files were simply not cooperating but it is running near well for us now.

    I am sure Brian is listening and will address any further concerns. The guy is a genius and his work is solid.

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