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    Carla the Moose

    This has always perplexed me. It seems using em to size fonts makes it more responsive, is that right? I’ve read some articles about this, but I still don’t understand.

    Sometimes I see themes using both em and px to size fonts and also elements. If I’m changing the size, I always just use what came with the theme. For example, when resizing the post title, I use px because that’s what my eleven40 theme uses.

    Using em for my widget titles, however, would let me size up just enough without having the title spill onto a second line. But the theme uses px. Is there any reason why I can’t go ahead and change the font to em?

    I hope that makes sense. Thanks! :)




    I wasn’t sure if you were able to get an answer to your question, but have you read this article?


    Scroll down to the section on “flexible type”.

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