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    this sounds like a dumb question, but I want to edit my archives.php file, and I can’t find it! when i go to “appearance” and “edit” it doesn’t show me the child theme templates. Where are they?

    How do I edit my functions.php or archives.php page?

    Where are they?



    What theme are you using. If an archives.php file exists – you will see it under Appearance > Editor and they will be listed on the right hand side. You should see Functions.php and if an archives was provided it would be there.



    I am using eleven40.

    I realized that I am using multisite- and so I had to go into network settings to find the file. All that was offered to me for editing was the home, theme functions, and CSS sheet. I need to globally remove the date stamp on all posts. I am using “LearnDash” wordpress Learning management system, and on the courses page, it lists the dates posted, even though I have used simple hooks to remove the date stamp elsewhere.

    The support from LearnDash said I might need to edit my archives.php file, but I believe that would be found in the Genesis PhP files, which we are not supposed to edit.

    Suggestions? Thoughts?



    If you are on Multi-Site, I think editing those files would edit them for everyone. You shouldn’t edit CORE files.


    Gary Jones

    Most child themes for Genesis won’t come with an archives.php file. There may well be one in the Genesis theme, but you shouldn’t touch those files. It sounds like your learning system left a few key details out when dealing with parent / child themes.

    What you can do, is create a new archives.php file in the root of your child theme – it’s existence means that the one in the Genesis theme will be ignored. However, I also suspect that your learning system will be expecting archives.php to contain a bunch of logic and markup already, but that’s not how Genesis works – Genesis is far more advanced and everything is abstracted to avoid duplicate code everywhere.

    For Genesis, you’d create a function, hook it in to an action or filter hook, and then call genesis(); at the end of the template file.

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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