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    Nick –

    Thanks for that explanation.  What I’m sort of hearing is that technical support is handled in the ticket system and customizations are handled here.  Is that right?  If it is, I’ll bet I’m not alone in wondering how to determine which a particular question is?  What exactly are the differences?  Maybe that is spelled out somewhere and I just haven’t seen it but if it is not, writing that up might help everyone?

    The other thing I’m reading into your answer is that customizations are not going to be handled by SP support staff anymore but are going to be here in the community forums?  I’ll be the first to admit I’ve been really blown away by the amount of customization help given by the forum moderators in the old system. . . it seemed too good to be true.  However, of course, lots of us relied upon it a great deal and are understandably stressed by the prospect of change . . . .  Am I reading your answer correctly that all customization questions will now be answered only by community members and not by the forum moderators?

    Thank you.




    So far I’m not a fan either. I’ve searched the old forums dozens of times and found answers without having to bug you guys. Now it seems that there will be very limited material to peruse.




    The moderators are in these forums too. Go check the Design Tips forum. Several of the mods have already posted some cool tips for users and have answered some of the user customization questions. I can’t guarantee every custom request will be answered, but we aren’t writing it off just changing the format a bit so we don’t miss support requests.


    Any new forum will need time to develop usable material. This is one of the reasons the old forums will be left open. One way you can be a “super star” in these forums would be sharing information your find helpful from the old forums. This forum is building at about the same pace as the old forums already. A few years ago you wouldn’t find anything in the old forums. These will catch up and with a fresh start we have a much better foundation for building community involvement. If you check things out you will see that community members are already stepping up to help answer questions and share their own tips. This is exactly what we had hoped for.




    I encourage you and other users to fill in the tag with the theme they are using when asking questions.



    I too am very concerned and posted it in this topic:


    But Nick deleted it or is moving it to this thread right now.

    Nick said:

    “The theme specific forums end up adding uneeded bloat.”

    and then added:

    “Once I post this thread I’m going to start a new thread titles “Fitness and Development” where I’m going to talk a bit about fitness and why that is important to me right now.”

    I suggest he add a sub forum on Yoga and another on Para Sailing which is very popular in Belize.

    But to also add sub forums for each Theme sold by Genesis / Studio Press.

    It is the logical thing to do and makes it easier for community building for customers to learn about how an issue specific to a Theme has been addressed by a fellow community member or by Genesis / Studio Press.

    A customer from back in the day when I did not even know how to install Word Press but learned it in the original forums from the experts at Genesis / Studio Press and the community.

    Now where is my signature ;o)



    Andrea Rennick

    Most of the theme have generally the same areas of css, and all the hooks are in the same places on generally all the themes.

    Also forum posts CAN be tagged. Please use those tags heavily on your posts.

    And some code I have noticed people calling a “fix” when really it is custom work. Changing the theme behaviour to something else is not a fix. ;)

    **forum signature**
    If you need technical support for your theme please file a ticket.

    The forums are community based. Staff only monitors the forum for issues relating to the forum itself and to redirect users to where they need to go.




    I had to register from scratch for my.studiopress.com only to find out it’s a ticket system. Then I went to the forum and it says ‘Read only’. I  had to register again to access the (new) forum here, where there’s only a bunch of (generic, not theme specific) posts and it says ‘response is not guaranteed’ (!) — why would I post on such a forum.

    I was used to find my answers instantly simply browsing the support forum or doing a search, and learning from others. Occasionally I would make a question in the same forum; now apparently I am forced to open a ticket, and others won’t learn from the answer.

    Unless I am missing something, I am literally speechless from this change (like others apparently), which also means much more work for you answering to tons of questions that won’t be published. What’s the point of all this??



    I think if they add an area with re-directs to the “Read Only” archive, this will help out over here. New folks won’t know about the old read only forum, but having that as a resource somewhere in here would help them.



    Where can I ask a question about Clip Cart Child Theme?

    It is about the fix width layout.




    Alejandro, you need to contact the theme developer directly. They are handling their own support now.

    John “Nicolas Flamel” Wright | SoZo’s design| John Wright Photography



    I am also very disappointed to see the new ticket system.  One of the reasons I chose Genesis over Woothemes was the ease of finding solutions in the Genesis forums.  Most of my questions had already been asked by another user.  I could find an answer within seconds or minutes rather than waiting in a queue to get my question answered by support (taking hours or days).  I can hardly see how this is going to save your support staff time.

    I sure hope your ticket support system works better and faster than Woothemes’ system does.



    @SoZo I have contacted them but do not reply since yesterday.

    I really do not like this new system.




    You will still be able to search the old forums for your answers while these forums build up. You can also use these forums.



    Saradee wrote” “One of the reasons I chose Genesis over Woothemes was the ease of finding solutions in the Genesis forums.”

    Same here. I will not easily give my money to faceless corps that do not have a healthy community forum with back and forth from customers and structured in an easy to access way. Our hosting decision was also based on this criteria and we changed hosts like 5 times before settling on what has been the best for us.

    Woothemes has some interesting solutions and I see the WordPress framework / themes marketplace filling up with more and more competition. The original Genesis Forums were the best in this market segment and more so because they LISTENED and earned our trust.

    P.S. I just took a peek at the aforementioned company mentioned above and see they have just announced they have listened and are bringing back their support forums with all the original forum content. We are not customers of them. Maybe Brian can take a look and see if this will have any bearing on the need to have this boat sail back ;o)

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    I have to agree with most of the customers on this thread. I just bought another theme and didn’t realize the “new” forum was set up this way. Some very valid points have been made and I, as well, am not a fan of the ticket system which is why when you go to other template sites that have a ticket system there is undoubtedly a comment somewhere that suggests that they have a support forum like studiopress. And of course you can’t have comments on a ticket system so usually the complaints are voiced on the wordpress forum by people looking for assistance.

    Thanks, Randy

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