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    Ditto. Thanks Nick, for taking the time to explain it. In the end, if there is still good support, I’ll be happy.

    I will say that early on (pre-Genesis) I received better support. Folks would walk me through just about any changes I needed to make. As time went on, I’d see more responses along the lines of, we can’t create PHP code for you. I just hope there isn’t going to be a further lessening of support with this latest change.

    I am an end user, not a developer. The support here was the most important thing in getting me to go with StudioPress and then later to a Genesis theme. Strong support is what distinguishes SP from other premium theme vendors. Don’t screw it up guys.



    As @cleo3 asked “Where are the tags?”

    i realize the forums are only a few days old so there isn’t much theme specific content here yet. But in the future if I’m looking for information specific to the streamline theme, what is the best wary to find that info?

    Will there be a tag cloud? Or do I just type strealine into the search?

    thanks for the detailed explanation Nock. I’ve got my fingers crossed and hopefully the excellent staff and community support remains.

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    @alger, you just type “streamline” into the search


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    Thanks Nick for listing what was broke with the old system.

    Like you said if you didn’t know and you replied to your own thread or tried to help someone out the real help would never arrive. I was often upset when someone tried to help me and it wasn’t quite enough. I knew it would never been seen by the real help.

    That being said, I have noticed the switch from help to much-less help. What you guys consider customization, we consider the reason we purchased the theme.

    I have been trying to do the same thing for a week now and it would have been answered within a day in the old system. All I hear now is “use firebug and figure it out”. That isn’t what was said, but that was that gist of it. For me, i’m sure it has to do with learning the new dynamic themes, but non the less, after a week and many replies, my issue still remains. All I want to do is center the slider! ha.

    This is “after” submitting an actual support ticket.

    I think wordpress is nowhere near as capable of hosting a message board / forum as phpbb. I applaud your desire to stay wordpress, but in my field i recognize when a product isn’t the best solution, and I use what is. I have little allegiance to brands or platforms when it comes to serving my clients.

    As I think about the shortcomings of the old system I can see why you wanted a better one. I just don’t see this as being better. It is different but not better. You (could) have added ticketed support to the old system and just had us include the link to the post we wanted help with. Hell for true customization, I wouldn’t have minded paying here and there. (Whats $15, standing in the way of a $3000 project?) Then you could keep track of threads that needed responses, tag-team, (increase revenue) and still keep the community support that we all miss.

    I don’t think you guys realized how much help the support forum gave. I would sometimes read for hours about a theme before I decided to buy. I wanted to see all of what was tried, what did work, (what didnt) and what i could actually do with it. Then i knew right away the amount of customization i could do. I wasn’t trying to do anymore than the help you all provided. I have finished entire projects without asking a single question because all my questions were already answered.

    I get angry just thinking about what i’ve lost, so i’ll stop typing now.





    @nickthegeek, I echo @road2ruin in saying that your explanation is very helpful in understanding why the change to the forums. I’ve been struggling to understand why (in my opinion and experience) such a great forum was changed.

    My suggestion would be that Brian, you or someone create an email or post that explains the reasoning behind the change – perhaps going into even more detail than you did above. Most StudioPress customers are very supportive and trust that you guys are doing what is best for all concerned. Laying out the downsides of the old forums, which many of us (me included) weren’t aware of, as well as the positives of the new approach moving forward would go a long way towards quelling the concern we see in so many posts in the new forums.

    Again, Nick, thanks for your explanation.


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    Love the site layout.  But I would search through the theme specific forum and only post a question if I couldn’t find it already solved.  I really liked that and wish we still could see that information.  I posted fewer questions and I could solve my problem in minutes rather than awaiting a reply.


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    .  I really liked that and wish we still could see that information.


    You can. The old forums are closed to new posts and still readable if you have a login.

    All the theme setup tutes are moved to the http://my.studiopress.com/ member’s portal. All of the extra codey stuff will eventually be moved as well. There is a Tutorials and Code Snippets tab on the right side of the member’s area with all kinds of useful info.

    Custom questions is what this forum is for. :)

    **forum signature**
    If you need technical support for your theme please file a ticket.

    The forums are community based. Staff only monitors the forum for issues relating to the forum itself and to redirect users to where they need to go.




    oh thanks a lot guys… you really helped me..



    I can’t say that I am really trilled with this new Forum.

    I have bought Optimal theme, I clicked on the How To link, I got catapulted to this URL: http://appfinite.com/forum/optimal-theme-support/

    It took me about 20 minutes to figured out that I needed to register to the designer’s Forum.
    And he is granting access to the forum after you submit your StudioPress Transaction ID & a Proof of purchase!

    I don’t even know what is my StudioPress Transaction ID!!!

    I have submitted what I though Wes needed, since then No news!!!

    26 hours & counting…



    Sorry you are having difficulty there. If you continue to have problems please contact us in support and we will try to work with the developer to get this resolved.

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