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    I’ve always been stumped on where to edit the html & save it, where does it go? I can edit it via Firebug and view the change, but then what? Where does it live in WordPress? (html).

    Specifically, I want to add a link to client site in my portfolio, under the thumbnail, using NextGen gallery (not essential that I use that image gallery – just seemed easier?).

    Does that make sense? Is it possible?
    This is the gallery so far, my test site – http://moondip.com/portfolio/




    Btw, I’m aware of the text editor within WP (as opposed to the visual) but don’t think that’s an answer when trying to label/link within the gallery. When I did a Google search for my question above, that seemed to be all that I found…



    Since you’re using the NextGen plugin, you might have more luck asking their support if it’s possible to add that functionality. Otherwise, you could display the same images on a page using Genesis column classes and put the link under each one manually, though you’d still need a plugin to display the images in a lightbox (I’m a big fan of FooBox).

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    Hey Andrea,

    Thanks for replying. I think I’ll try a dif image gallery. Maybe just use Jetpack or the default WP gallery.
    Thanks again!

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