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    I am having a problem utilizing the Sharing is Caring plugin for social media buttons at the top and bottom of the post posts in the single page view using the Focus Child Theme.

    The post text shows up on the same line of as the social media buttons and does not look good there.  Here’s an example:


    I tried adding a <code><br></code> into the plugin php file, but that is being removed before the html is generated.  If I put plain text in the same place as the tag, it appears where I want the break, so I’m sure it is the right place in the php file.





    I think the social buttons default to displaying inline with your content. Try adding something like this to the plugin Extended options, in the “CSS styles to apply to the group” box;

    display:block;height:25px;margin:15px 0;


    Thanks Peter!  That worked.  I ended up going with

    <code>display:block;height:20px;margin:5px 0;</code>

    Now can you or others tell me how to reduce the amount of space above this and below the “Posted on…”?




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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