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    Shannon, it sounds like you’ve got a lot of experience with tech stuff, and a setup that works for you, which is awesome. We don’t host with Bill but we are with another dedicated WP hosting company, and so just wanted to mention that we see a LOT of value – for example, with this recent brute-force WP login attack that’s going around, we’re not even worried since we know that our hosting company has our back. We still have complete control, in terms of access to the server and site setup, but we’ve got someone else managing the pesky details of security and backups, which is definitely a relief. When Bill was trying to diagnose your problem and laying out the possibilities with CloudFlare etc., he was just in debug mode and trying to throw out potential issues when he couldn’t even see the WP install; he didn’t come across to me as trying to sell you on anything in particular (in fact, it took me a bit of sleuthing to even find his site, to see that $20 figure you mentioned! he wasn’t pushing you towards anything, I don’t think, just commenting on how far he’d be able to try and help, at least that’s how I took it).

    Anyway, it’s great that you found the problem, and also great that it was such a simple one, and just wanted to mention that this thread was helpful in providing a little education to me along the way! Thanks to Bill and Wendy, and to you for posting the original issue. :-)


    Bill Murray

    @essaysnark – All great points.

    To clarify, in a few threads where people have asked about hosting, I’ve included an email, and as a result of that have gotten emails for other potential paid work. The emails are flattering, but since it’s not something we do, my comments to LdyLarke were more for the sake of efficiency: if the basic troubleshooting covered to that point couldn’t solve the problem, it was probably going to take hiring someone other than us, since that’s not what we do. I added that before she asked because she seemed concerned the problem wasn’t solved. Fortunately, Wendy came to the rescue.

    @LdyLarke – I think you’re discounting the value of managed WP hosting. It’s great that you have the skills to get the most of your current setup, but a) not everyone has those skills and b) even for those with the same skills, managed WP hosting has value.

    But consider these facts that I’ve observed:

    1) CloudFlare might add value to a site hosted on shared hosting by boosting performance, but that’s because the performance is lower than most managed WP hosts can provide already. The time differences are significant, and faster sites get more traffic. If traffic produces revenue, they get more $, so managed WP hosts deliver more $ for the sites they host.

    2) On a shared host, you have 1 web server and 1 DB server. If one of them break, your site is off-line. Managed WP hosts are operating with multiple web and multiple DB servers. If 1 breaks, there might be a slowdown, but nothing is off-line. Most managed WP hosts are set up in such a way that additional web or DB servers can be brought online very quickly (usually within a few minutes), so breakages or additional traffic aren’t significant issues. That risk of downtime might not be significant to you, and in that case shared hosting might be a better value. But it’s incorrect to say that those benefits aren’t of any value to anyone.

    3) You said you sometimes have to “scramble to fix” things when they break. That’s true of all of us. Managed WP hosts focus on WP-related issues, so they are in a better position to help you fix things when they break. Shared hosts deal with WP issues, but given their size (most shared hosts are now relatively big companies), the person you reach in support at a shared host is not always WP savvy. On average, support people at managed WP hosts handle WP issues better because that’s their focus, day in and day out.

    WP.com has a VIP program that provides many of these benefits, and their client roster includes many large firms with big IT budgets paying for a lot of smart people. That’s an indicator of the value people see in managed WP hosting. For those that need it, there’s definitely value in managed WP hosting. Mind you, I’m not trying to sell you anything, because you’re happy where you are and therefore should stay. All of my positive comments on managed WP hosts apply to the whole managed WP community (us, WP Engine, WordPress.com VIP, Synthesis, ZippyKid, and Page.ly, to name a few).

    Web: https://wpperform.com or Twitter: @wpperform

    We do managed WordPress hosting.


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