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    The old forum is gone????

    I can’t even access the questions I asked last year at this time when I was setting up my blog on WordPress? I used to use that forum all the time and found such valuable information there. I bookmarked those replies and now I can’t get to them. Am I missing something?

    Why was this change made? There’s a wealth of information that I know many, many of us would like to have access to.



    Studiopress removed the old forum. Yeah, it was quite a prize but it’s gone now.



    I saw that a lot of people complained about it. I guess StudioPress didn’t care.

    Sad. And I don’t see why on earth it couldn’t have been maintained.

    I would have appreciated knowing that I would no longer have access to my questions and answers. Shouldn’t we have received an email or something?



    I’m a bit aggravated at this too. Since these new forums have come online, the help and support available has dropped WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY down. I used the old forums extensively to research stuff – many times, I didn’t need to ask a question here because it was already covered in the old forum.

    But lately, it’s been like pulling teeth to get any help. Severely diminishes the value of the price paid for Studiotpress themes, that’s for sure.

    And the fact that the original post on this thread was July 19, and there’s STILL no response from anyone affiliated with Studiopress speaks VOLUMES.



    The reason why the studiopress staff don’t post that often on the forum is because they is doing 1 on 1 support in which is really good. I have used there ticket system a few times and like the 1 on 1 support in which I don’t get different answers from multiple people in which just confuse’s me.

    The old forum has a lot of out-dated information and still have some information that could still work. If you search this forum, you will find Nick explaining why the forum was removed.

    The moderators on this forum are volunteer’s I believe and not paid staff so they won’t be online 24 hours a day like the staff is if you use the ticket system.


    Read this post by Susan a moderator on this forum before you respond again.




    @ScoutHarper – when they moved from the old forum over here, we were told it would remain open for a little while, but we knew it wasn’t going to remain open permanently. In June, there was an announcement at the top of the forum, that it would be closed down in July, over 7 months after the forum closed.

    @sacousino – Official support for StudioPress has been via help tickets since November of last year; I have never had an issue getting a support ticket answered in a timely manner, so my experience has been that support through the help system remains excellent.

    If you want to ask StudioPress a question directly, then you need to address it through the ticket system – this is a community forum, driven by the community members.

    @snakeair – thank you :)

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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