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    I’m using the lovely & simple Expose theme. I LOVE that there is no sidebar. BUT, that is posing a problem for me right now because I’m at the point where I’d like to start selling ad space.

    The problem is that I can’t figure out where to put ads where they would be visible, effective, and still keep the clean design of the current blog.

    I’ve been running one affiliate ad, but it’s only displayed on individual posts, above the comment box. Not so effective.

    Any suggestions? They’d be much appreciated!



    I think there are a couple of options. You could put a banner ad at the very top of the site before the header, or in the footer, or above the footer widgets using hooks.

    This recent tutorial from Blondish gives you a way to put ads between posts on the main pages of your site; for example, you could stick an Adsense block after every third post: http://blondish.net/adding-content-posts-genesis/

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    I hadn’t thought about ads in and above the footer. I really like that idea of ads between posts, can’t wait to check out that tutorial.

    Thanks Andrea, you’re the best!


    You can use quick adsense WordPress Plugin to automatically show any ads between post content and other areas. http://wordpress.org/plugins/quick-adsense/



    Thanks, Davinder, I will check that out!



    It’s a nice site and can see your problem. Not sure I have seen an example of the ads between posts. It would be a shame to ruin the nice tint/grey dividing line between the posts.

    What’s wrong with having them as images in the post with a discreet “Advertisement” announcement above, to differentiate with your editorial pictures?

    I wonder about the pictures at the bottom (the entire post archive?) where it says: Christina / Little Victorian.

    It is not obvious what that is about (you need to look to see the scroll bar) and maybe needs a heading of some sort. Possibly make it a bit deeper, and have (smaller) ads above?

    It would be great to see what ads between posts look like and whether it is too intrusive for a site like this.

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    You can see the tutorial here – http://vajrasar.in/how-to-manipulate-post-counter/

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    Thank you Noah. The in post ads are a good idea, I’m going to look into that too.

    Maybe I should experiment and offer some low cost ads for a month and just see how different placements look and how well the ads do.

    And thanks for the tutorial, Vajrasar.

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