Which child themes got a 1200 px layout?

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    The new Genesis 1.9 has a layout of about 1200px.



    Could you pinpoint to me any child themes that are available NOW with this new layout size?

    either Genesis child themes
    either on the community themes

    As I can see ( not sure if it is correct) it still seems rather the exception to find child themes with this 1200px layout on the home page and beyond!

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    I believe Genesis 1.9.1 has a width of 1152px. The free “Sample” theme has the same width. I don’t know of any of the current themes which have the same width. I believe Brian Gardner is going to be introducing a new theme next week which also has the new width.

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    Thanks Suzan for the answer.

    When I said ” 1200px” I had in mind something something around 1200px.

    I am using the New Child theme and I loved it. This said, I can certainly use a “roomier ” theme adapted to 85% of the world scren size.

    Good news! I will certainly watch this new baby coming in!



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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