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    I have successfully implemented & enabled HTML5 markup on two sites now running WP 3.6, Genesis2.0 and the Studiopress Maximum & BackCountry child themes. Will be glad to offer support to anyone needing to implement markup.





    I have upgraded on six different sites with no problem, but with this one exception and I am stumped.

    I have upgrade to 3.6 and genesis 2.0 using the backcountry theme.
    Everytime, however, that I have tried upgrading, my admin area goes blank.
    I have shut off all of my plug-ins, reinstalled 2.0, and reinstalled wordpress 3.6, but nothing seems to work. The only fix that works is to go back to the previous version of genesis.
    Does anyone have any ideas.



    “those ones are already Genesis 2.0 ready and will probably be released at the maddeningly slow rate of 1 a week or so …”

    What will the rate of release of new themes be? In serious need of new blood here.



    @Marc I’m new to WordPress and Genesis. Are Wes’ themes considered good? I like the look of Epik a lot, so I may pick it up, but I realistically know nothing about various WP-Genesis theme developers (except StudioPress).



    Not Marc, but … the Epik theme was announced by and endorsed by StudioPress. They have been selective in what themes they endorse, so I would expect it to be “top-notch,” to use Brian’s words. HTH



    I’ve been away from Studio Press for about 2 years and am totally out of the loop. If a theme is going to be rewritten for genesis 2, when it happens does it mean that our site will visually fall to bits??

    Many thanks for enlightenment in advance :)



    #lynnita: Thanks. Following your link I’d also be able to buy the theme for a nice discount! Mainly good to know about the endorsement. It seems to be a theme that will be perfect for one of my upcoming projects.



    @speedmouse — I’ve been away from StudioPress for a bit, too — I finally got around to rejoining the forum! Check out this post, which explains a bit about switching to Genesis 2.0. Basically if all you do is upgrade to Genesis 2.0, nothing should break. If you upgrade to 2.0 AND enable HTML5 in your child theme, then you’ll need to redo some css and functions for your theme to work.

    @mitchellm — Glad to help!



    @mitchellm regarding Wes, Epik and Appfinite. My experience is I have used Optimal and Epik themes. In customizing the themes I find that Wes does an excellent organizing and commenting the functions and stylesheet for the themes he offers and the support is even better – altogether equal to Genesis. Plus lots of personal follow-up attention from Wes in the theme support forums.



    Here’s another vote for the Minimum theme to get updated! Currently building 2 websites on it and it is one of my favorite themes to date.


    Robert Neu

    If anyone is running an older theme that they’d like updated to 2.0, just let us know. We can’t sell HTML5 versions of SP themes because it wouldn’t be fair to StudioPress, but we’ll gladly update your theme for you.

    We’ll probably also be publishing some tutorials for each of the older themes for anyone who would like to tackle it themselves. :)

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    UPDATE: I have had to roll back to Genesis 1.9 on both sites I initially believed I had successfully implemented HTML5 on. It turns out that although things looked ok viewing the sites on Safari, the sites were completely broken when viewed on IE.



    Here is another vote for some sort of indication on the downloads page about whether or not the Child Themes are Genesis 2.0 compliant.

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    How do I roll back to 1.9 so I can upgrade to 2? I Have RC2 now and don’t want to do the manual tweaks.



    YES!!! A column in the download list showing when it was last updated would be VERY useful!
    The OLD website download page use to have that data – last updated date.

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