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    Hi there,

    really looking forward to make an update to Genesis 2.0. Just using Executive, Metro, Stretch, Education, Enterprise and Minimum. (Also some thirdparty themes).

    All the themes are costumized in it’s own way. Now I am frightened to loose everything if I would update. Last week I had some problems with the WP 3.6 update but just fixed it in a day.

    Should I wait that all themes are updated for Genesis 2.0? What do you think?



    I have updated my site, Daily Game, to both WordPress 3.6 and Genesis 2.0. It’s running an old theme that isn’t even technically supported anymore, and everything still seems to be working just fine. I did not enable HTML5, but in terms of upgrading alone, it still works perfectly fine.

    So, if you’re concerned about upgrading to Genesis 2.0, doing the upgrade itself has been fine in my experience. It’s when you get to enabling HTML5 where the CSS and other issues may crop up. I don’t think you have to fear the upgrade itself or hold off until all the child themes have been updated. In actuality, they won’t “all” be updated anyway, so you’d be waiting a long time.



    Hi All,

    This looks like an easy solution for porting older XHTML child themes to HTML5:

    I hope this helps.



    1) My experience, like that of @jmrallen, was that the upgrade itself didn’t require any changes. I only needed to worry about those when I enabled HTML5.

    2) When I enabled HTML5, I used the cobaltapps.com converter @SDesign refers to, and it worked perfectly. There were still some minor things to clean up afterward that a converter can’t catch. (For example, a class I had attached styling to in the footer was no longer there. Per a comment I found in the Genesis 2.0 code, this was an intentional change.)




    I’m seeing people referring to enabling html5 ??? I can’t see an option to do that once I upgraded to 3.6 and Genesis 2.0 I even changed my personal blog to the one of the two 2.0 compatible themes.

    any help?



    A very efficient suggestion about the updates.
    I also love the possibility having the updates come to the use location as other updates do.



    A 2nd vote for Magazine theme. Just switched to it a couple of months ago.

Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)

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