Which PHP version is for Genesis 1.9.2?

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    The web host is going to change to PHP 5.4 now. Will this affect Genesis or the child themes?

    Which PHP version is Genesis 1.9 designed for? It is very hard to find any info on this.


    Bill Murray

    You’re sort of asking the wrong question because so much in WP happens before a theme is loaded. If WordPress supports a PHP version, Genesis and its themes will support it. WP itself only requires a version of PHP that is older than 5.4 but core WP 3.5.1 runs fine with 5.4. A better question would be, are there issues for WordPress sites when PHP is ugpraded from something older to 5.4?

    The simple answer is yes, there can be issues, but the issues depend on your configuration. The plugins you use impact the number of issues. Some plugins may have no issues; other users with a different set of plugins have reported problems. People have also reported password issues where a DB password in the wp-config.php file isn’t recognized after an upgrade to PHP 5.4.

    That said, PHP 5.4 has been out for a while, so many of the problems reported by others may have been due to the fact that they were running older obsolete plugins or versions of WP.

    Your best bet is to do a web search for wordpress 5.4 and some of the specific plugins you use before you upgrade. That will help get you prepared for problems you may encounter. Any general advice you receive here won’t be specific enough to your situation to be of much help.

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    Thank you Bill for sorting it out.

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