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    I have white space above and below the Slider Wide in the Epik Theme.

    I have only put one image in and that is how I want it to look; therefore I am only using the slider because this is the area I want my photo, immediately below the header and full width.

    I have tried looking for any padding I can remove but so far; no luck.
    I want the photo to slot in the “Slider Wide” area with no white space between “Header” and “Welcome Wide” widget.
    Any help will be appreciated.




    The margins that you need to edit are here in your css:

    .head-wrap {
    	background: #303236;
    	margin: 0 0 40px;
    .slider-wide .widget {
    	margin: 0 0 30px;
    .slider-wide .wrap {
        margin: 0 auto 20px;
        padding:  0;
        max-width: 100%;	

    Hope that helps a bit.

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    Hi Robin,

    Thanks for your help.
    Did what you said but there is still a very small gap at the bottom of the image.

    Any ideas?




    You might have to get support from the theme creator on his forum if need be.


    I used to use this theme and got support from the creator of it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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