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    Hola, im having problems lately with AgentPress suddenly the widgets area its impossible to modify, i can’t make the drop down menus inside the widget (backend) area to work at all! I updated everything from Genesis to plugins to see if this had anything to do with it, but i cannot get to make them work again….

    Im kind of new to the whole Genesis platform, this is a website of a client who previously hired someone else to design their website, I am just managing content now! But i cannot make widgets to work!! please help! :(

    (if you check the url, the section i want to modify is on the upper right corner “Our Team” i need to delete some people ad place new members!)


    To edit “Our Team”, go to widgets section in WordPress Dashboard and look for custom menu name address “header right” section. Then go to menu section and edit that specific menu.

    Ideally, you should able to edit widget contents from widgets area in WordPress Dashboard. However, if something is manually coded – you may have edit those specific files. Can you specify which widget is causing problem as far editing goes?



    Hi Davinder, and thanks for your reply! Well i do know thats the way im supposed to edit them, problem is none of the widgets are working (in a very weird way) for example in the “header right” button or widget box that i have in my widget screen, when i click on it, i cannot even get a dropdown menu from it, or to edit any of the “our team” names, it is impossible to get the dropdown menu which will allow me to edit those fields… wish i could post a screen shot here to explain me better…


    Try disabling all installed plugins and then check for this issue.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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