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    Our household has three different touchpad Windows 8 devices.

    I know what you are thinking you feel sorry for me, yeah windows 8 sucks but my husband gets Windows 8 touchpads tablets with blue tooth keyboards as gifts so we use them.

    I keep discovering studiopress themes, the drop down menus are having major issues in Windows 8 Internet Explorer, especially when using the touchpad to pick a page that is on the drop down. When looking why, my husband the geek Windows programmer explained why and it looks like StudioPress needs to fix this.

    Is there going to be a near future fix for this, as more and more people upgrade to Windows 8.

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    First, I actually like win8. I know a lot of people are complaining because it is so different but I find that once you stop trying to use the start menu it works great. My wife’s computer is on win8 and I find it is not as frustrating for me to use since I switched to a Mac several months ago, I’m off my start menu addiction.

    Anyways, to the issue. I assume you mean the :hover doesn’t work for drop downs. I’m afraid this is a limitation in many touch devices. Some developers have realized that you need to have a :hover action to do a lot of things on the web so they have made it work rather nicely via the device. Win8 is not one of those systems. It might figure this out but we may beat them to the punch with our own solution.

    Genesis 2.0 will hopefully have a new mobile menu feature. This will essentially add a third menu position when enabled via the child theme and the menu will use different JS so taping will expand/collapse the menu but it probably will not allow extensive drop down menus, that type of experience often doesn’t translate well on mobile devices.

    Actually this feature almost made it into Genesis 1.9 but it just wasn’t ready and when we release it is needs to be right because child themes will require edits to use the new mobile menu feature so we can’t just go changing things on people and causing problems to their live sites.

    So ultimately we are working to improving this part of the mobile system and mobile device developers are hopefully working from their end to improve how their devices work as well.


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    Thanks for the update.

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    Nick –

    Any update? We’re on 2.0.2 and the drop-down issue is still problematic. “Black Studio Touch Dropdown Menu” was a plugin good to WP 3.4 – but doesn’t work now. I have many sites with drop-downs that don’t work on tablets like “Surface” etc… I can see re-designing menu structures fully – which is easy on new sites – but I have many older clients that are in limbo now… Any feedback would be appreciated.

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