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    I have a client that wants to sell a new product.  He wants maybe 20-30 products at the most, but will launch with about 6.  He said he wants to be able to handle 15,000 transactions a day – which will NEVER happen, but maybe we need to be able to do 1000+.

    I was thinking of using Magento since it is designed for e-commerce, but I have been hearing good things about woo commerce.

    What are your thoughts?  Anyone have great mangento experience?



    I love Magento but it is not a simple system to use. If you are doing a new site and already have WordPress running I’d probably go with WooCommerce.

    That said, there is really a lot more than just the number of products. What kinds of products how much tracking and accounting integration does your client need? What is their current workflow and what will you need to do to make the eCommerce system integrate with that? This is a complex situation and you may want to work with WooCommerce and a Magento install and maybe a few other solutions to find the one that will work best for your client. It is a good deal of work on the front end but each time you have a client that needs an ecommerce solution it will be easier to pair them with the solution that is best for them.



    Thanks Nick.  Just had a call, now they need magento.  Are you good with it? need any business?



    Magento shouldn’t be that difficult. You wouldn’t need the Enterprise version, but maybe the CE Single Store version.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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