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    Has anybody managed to get the WooCommerce plugin to be responsive?    I can’t find the page that used to be on StudioPress site for testing a site’s responsiveness – is it still around?


    This uses the Quattro theme, but when I shrink the browser’s width as soon as the side column is pushed below the product post the right edge of text is lost and the content does not respond correctly.  Not sure how to describe this correctly (I know what I mean <G>)

    If you look at the above page I thnk you will see what I mean when looking at the content to the right of the image





    Hi Jill,

    If you use firefox, there is now a responsive design view that lets you test different sizes.  I have been using it a lot.   And yes, there are issues in the different sizes, especially with product images.



    You can use http://www.responsinator.com/

    And as Netviper stated: http://chrispederick.com/work/web-developer/ has created a nice addon for Chrome and Firefox When using FireFox and the addon select “resize”and then select “view responsive layouts”


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    Doak Heggeness


    Go to the Resources tab above and you will find it under Web Tools. For WooCommerce you will need to use Firebug to find the things to change…ie fonts etc.

    Doak Heggeness, WordPress Development | Website



    Thanks for the replies.  I could not find an add-on for FireFox :(   Searched for resize but it didn’t come up with anything.

    Doak – there is no Web Tools under Resources tab any more.  Yep – I use Firebug :)

    Have to admit that I have not kept up with responsive designing :(

    The following is the concerned class in this instance…

    div.product div.summary, #content div.product div.summary {
    float: right;
    margin-bottom: 2em;
    width: 48%;

    I can see it is the float right that is causing the problem.

    From what netviper says, I gather there is no solution??


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