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    sean nelson

    I am using the Executive 2.0 theme and have encountered the following issues:

    1.  On publishing header there used to be a skip crop and publish option.  I used it to add a logo.  That has disappeared and 300×100 logo is cropped.  Worked around by making logo canvas 1140px wide.  Was simpler with the skip crop option.

    2.  Adding links to text in a blog post hangs up in the modal pop up.  To work around for now just hand coding links.

    Both issues popped up on two sites I updated to 3.5.  Sites using the same theme that I have not upgraded to 3.5 do not have these issues.

    I am hopeful that 1.9 release will resolve, but for now work arounds working.  This is more for an FYI post.



    Please post a link to your website so we can take a look. Thanks!



    I am having the same issue and the problem doesn’t require looking at the specific site; it’s an issue with the new 3.5 update, which now forces you to crop your header/logo image to 1140 x 100 (or a proportion thereof, I think) instead of letting you make it whatever size you want. The old method was better for me because I was then able to adjust the dimensions of the header in the main CSS file so that everything worked right. Now I can’t get it to accept my image without the image being cut in half.

    Here’s the relevant instructional text from Appearance > Header:

    “You can select an image to be shown at the top of your site by uploading from your computer or choosing from your media library. After selecting an image you will be able to crop it.
    Images of exactly 1140 × 100 pixels will be used as-is.”

    However, it should read, “you will be REQUIRED to crop it.”

    Is there a way to disable this forced cropping or are we stuck with making logos that fit in an 1140 x 100 layout?



    Up should be able to open your Functions.php files and look or the settings in there. Just change the size to exactly what you want. At that point, it won’t ask you that anymore.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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