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    I just updated WordPress to 3.5.  So far everyting seems to be working well.  Except – Under Settings I lost the link to the Privacy Screen.

    I did a restore from backup and tried it again – the Privacy page is gone again.

    Question is – should I go back to Wordpres 3.4 and wait for Genesis Framework 1.9 then try again?

    I can access it by typing in the url /options-privacy.php however,

    Memory will fade after time of this work around…

    I am using Executive Child Theme version 2.0 –

    Or does some know how to put the privacy link back under settings?

    Thank you for your assistance or comments.



    Brian Bourn

    It was moved in 3.5 to under Reading Settings.

    Bourn Creative | bourncreative.com | Twitter


    Chris Cree

    Yeah. I noticed that you can still access the old privacy settings page directly via the URL (the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin has a warning when the privacy settings are “on” that still links to this old page location). However when you change the setting on that old settings page in WordPress 3.5 it doesn’t “take”.

    Like Brian said, you have to go to Settings –> Reading and it’s now a single check box for “Search Engine Visibility”.



    You guys are the best.

    Thank you…I have spend a few hours trying to resolve this issue.

    Have a Happy New Year.



    I hope I’m posting this in the right place.  :)  I updated to 3.5 yesterday and the only issue I’m having is with links.  My site relies on links to external sources and content.  Now, when I enter in multiple links in my post, each link is grabbing the URL form above or below.  In other words, I type in a headline, such as “Governor Signs Tree Protection Law” and I insert the URL for linking that headline.  I then go below that link and enter a new headline, such as “President Welomes Saudi King”  however, when I go to insert this specific URL, it is grabbing the one from above.  If I try to replace it again, the link above gets changed to the URL for the second headline.  Hope that makes sense.   I have no idea why this is happening, but it’s basically made my site unworkable.  Any ideas?  Thanks!



    @patricksears – please go ahead and start a new post. This thread is marked as “resolved”, which means that community members won’t be looking here for new questions.

    Also, to help with your question, can you please also post a link to your site, and let us know which theme you are using.

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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