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    I want a line with color.  I put the line in:
    <hr align=”left” size=”4″ color=”abaaaba” width=”60%” />  OR

    <hr align=”left” size=”4″ color=”#abaaaba” width=”60%” /


    When I preview, it looks JUST like I want. Then I save, and whoosh, the color is gone.  I have tried lots of versions of this, but the same thing keeps happening. How do I get a color in a line to stay PUT!



    Instead of defining align, size, color, and width define a class. Then you can style that via the theme style.css file. This has many advantages as it makes the HTML markup more clean, it should retain the class value, and if you wish to change all the <hr> tags that are formatted left, size 4, #abaaaba, 60% width … you can do so in one place instead of going and finding each page and post, plus the CSS route is more consistence across browsers.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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