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    I’m wondering if anyone has experience with and could recommend one of the various plugins for learning management with WordPress – either via BuddyPress or a direct plugin to WP. As usual, there’s a few in the WP.org repo and elsewhere, but personal recommendation is always helpful.

    The site in question is for a college, and they want to set up an e-learning system. They already have a WP/Genesis site which I developed last year.

    I know I could just create a Moodle site to run alongside the main site, but my instinct is to run with something to keep everything in the WP install if possible, since also the client is pretty comfortable with running that.

    Many thanks.



    If you are trying to accomplish a course-like feel (like Moodle) then you may want to go with what Chris Lema just wrote about in his recent elearning post. The other approach would be Learn Dash. WooThemes will be releasing Sensei this month, so I would actually recommend waiting for that.

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    Thanks very much for the info.

    My apologies for the duplicate post – I thought that the first one had failed to post and so reposted after a day or so.

    I’d noticed and liked the look of Learn Dash – and perhaps by the time the client is ready to go it will be out of Beta, so that could be a good option.

    Wasn’t aware of Sensai – that’s much appreciated.

    I’ll read through Lema’s post – I do have Premise so I’d toyed with the idea of doing it that way.








    @Travis I tested Sensei for a bit. The templates do not work out of the box with the Genesis Themes (I tried Metro and an adapted Sleek) but in both themes the sidebars ended up being displayed inside the content div on the Sensei pages…
    And my php skills ar just not enough to tackle that.

    Have you checked it out yet?

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    I may be a bit biased here as I am the founder: as you may know, LearnDash (http://www.LearnDash.com) is fully compatible with the Genesis theme (and any other theme for that matter). Also, we have experience  setting up LMSs for different educational institutions. We have done quite a few updates since our launch on January 28th including 1-click upload of storyline/Articulate courses, progress bar, etc.

    Thanks for thinking of us, and let me know if you have any questions!

    Justin Ferriman
    Founder, LearnDash

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